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New "Flash-Based" Portal Maps

Well , for those of you out there who can't get enough of Portal (me included) some guys at http://wecreatestuff.com/ took the original Flash Portal game and transformed all of the maps into 3d Maps that you can play . All you need is to...


Ubisoft is going STEAMing

After a long wait ,my favorite publisher it's "spilling" his catalog of games onto STEAM. At this moment , you can buy only the original Splinter Cell , Far Cry and you can Prepurchase Assassins Creed.I'm so excited about this announcement...


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I'm a 20 year old student from Romania that studies in the US.My favorite games are Rpgs(KotOR) and shooters(CoD4) .Oblivion alone "sucked" 200+ hours from me and I'm still PLAYING it. I also like co-op games ,but there aren't many of those around(Gieve us moar co-op game developers!!!)

Right now I'm playing Gears of War for Windows ,Kane and Lynch ,Call of Duty 4 and Oblivion.

I like reading books,and right now I'm reading the Legend of Drizzt by R.A. Salvatore. AWESOME BOOK.