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A PS3/X360 Philosophy Disparity?

So I just got a PS3 for Black Friday and 5 games: Little Big Planet, God of War Collection, MGS4, Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena, and GT5: Prologue (Is GT5 ever coming out? This is the Duke Nukem of racing games.) After spending a goo...


I'm Thankful For Gaming Solace

[Warning: By the end of this, you may think I sound like a spoiled brat or a whining toddler. Semi-rantish. You've been warned.] This was one of the first images that popped up when I Googled "wants to play with you." The only thing this...


"Fuzzy Pickles"

Had I known about the Ness kit from Fangamer, I would've used that for my Halloween costume. Instead, I did this on my own.


Nothing is Sacred: The ESRB

The ESRB is a stroke of genius by the gaming industry. To my knowledge, the only other well-publicized, non-profit group that rates its own media in the United States is the MPAA for movies. An organization policing video games so consume...


Intro Post, Back From The Dead Edition

Hey D-Toid. I am the WankerJist, but you can call me Wanker for short. Just don't call me Shirley: you haven't earned the right yet. You are a dirty, dirty man, Charlie Brown. Anyways, you might know my brother Masterledz from the forums...


About WankerJistone of us since 11:28 AM on 04.18.2007

Hi. My name is Ryan and I'm a long-time D-Toid reader. If you want to know how long ago, I signed up for an account here when the forums were still the main way to introduce yourself. I'm also Masterledz's older brother. He's kinda awesome.

Anyways, I'm a 22-year-old grad student at George Washington U., someday hoping to become the world's greatest writer...if I can ever put down a controller long enough to focus. I've been playing video games ever since I can remember, learning the princess was a cock-teasing bitch before I learned my ABC's. I'm still not over that.

At the moment, I own a 360, Wii, DS, and a PSP, but am looking to get a PS3 to complete the modern holy trinity of gaming. I don't hate on systems, mostly because I think it's a waste of time: by the time anything worthwhile is said about comparing hardware, the next generation of consoles is already out.

Y'all seem to like lists, so here's a short one of my favorite games. RESPECT THE MILK.
1. Super Mario Bros. 3
2. Final Fantasy Tactics
3. Puzzle Quest
4. Tetris Attack
5. Gran Turismo