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Microsoft lost, and I will tell why.

TV, Sports, Adertisements, Fees and secrets all around. 
Microsoft is in a world of trouble if they think their strategy is going to work, and I will tell why.
I have a XBOX360 and I am also only buying the PS4 in this hollyday, and I tell you why. Here is what MS is doing with the Xbox One and turned me off from the console:

1 - Achievements for watching TV, that is just dumb. 
The most passive activity in the world is now something that get you awards, need I to say more?

2 - Region locked games.
That is a minor problem, but still a problem to people from countries that overcharge for games and where certain games will never be released.

3 - Fee to play used games.
Used game? You cannot play it without paying a fee. That is the next step from the online pass stuff. And, althought the online pass makes some sense, since servers and online services cost money to the company,  it is only fair. Oh, wait, MS online service is already paid, isnīt?

4 - Xbox Live is STILL paid.
Yep, STILL paid. While Sony offer every kind of gifts, advantages, free games, free trials, blowjobs... to their premium subscribers, MS is still charging for the simple online gameplay, which is free on Sony and Nintendo. 

5- Focus on media instead of focusing in games.
TV, TV, TV, TV, Sports, Halo Show, Remedy tv show, Spielberg, NFL fantasy wet dream and stuff like that are now MS main focus. Games are not that important, and, according to MS, we will like to watch tv once again...

6 - New Remedy game is a freaking tv series.
Well, not really. Of course not, but what is that stupid trailer? Remember Alan Wake? That was cool, right? This one, not that much...

7- Always online (once a day).
To updates, to download new advertisements, and, to BE ABLE TO PLAY even offline games, you have to be online.

8 - Obligatory installation of 20GB games on a 500GB HD (not replaceable).
Hideo Kojima last masterpiece, METAL GEAR SOLID 4 was close to 40GB. So, you better finish your first game if you want to play another.

9 - Obligatory Kinect use.
Remember that thing that 10 million Xbox360 (casual dancing bimbos) users liked? Now the 65 million real Xbox360 gamers will also have to use it.

10 - Cloud advertisements in real time in games.
Connor killed Vicar Abbott, DRINK PEPSI.

11 - Ginormous ugly console.
Well, it is. Of course revisions will come, but, a little effort on the design would be nice.

12 - Treating gamers like stupid sheep overall.
Using Gametrailers to do Damage Control after the Reveal event went bad, that is cheap. Keeping world domination level of secrets under the curtains (like the ones above), that is very cheap. MS is about to get the surprise of a lifetime if they think we are that stupid.
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