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The Top 11 best internet reviewers.

The best internet reviewers. Who are the best and most talented internet reviewers?  I made a video honoring the guys I like the most, these are the ones I watch again and again and are always fun (or funny). Also, sorry about the video, s...


Microsoft lost, and I will tell why.

TV, Sports, Adertisements, Fees and secrets all around.  Microsoft is in a world of trouble if they think their strategy is going to work, and I will tell why. I have a XBOX360 and I am also only buying the PS4 in this hollyday, and I tell ...


The WiiU is selling, WITHOUT games.

The WiiU is selling, WITHOUT games. Well, not really, there was LEGO CITY. But wait, since when a Lego game is a system seller? Never happened before, maybe GTA and Final Fantasy, but, LEGO? But the console is getting pretty nice numbe...


NEXT GEN GAMING: We need to grow up.

I see all around people worried about backward compatibility and used games blocking on the, still rumored, next gen consoles. That is a very weird thing, sounds like a little kid living on allowance talking. If you want to play next gen ...


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