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Honestly which is the cooler one?... and if you answer the one on the right you're wrong.
Do you know how I learned that the Japanese can hold bad opinions just as westerns? When I read the fanvoted list of top ten favorite RPGs. Final Fantasy X at number one... are you serious? Perhaps the single worst Final Fantasy game after 8 is voted number one... I mean for gods sake Kingdom Hearts II is four slots above Chrono Trigger. It's was just so disappointing, here I thought the Japanese knew a good game from a bad onem but just comes to show that westerners doesn't have exclusivity to be wrong about games. It's same way I realized how sexualized or society is: I was sitting in a hamburger diner while MTV was on a TV and a big black woman was shaking her ass in skimpy clothing and I just felt that it was something that I wouldn't want anyone to walk in on me watching.
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