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Video Game Music

I went to Play! a few months ago and realized that what was an extremely geeky interest of mine 10 years ago (when even video games were geeky enough), has turned into a huge and accepted industry. This is exciting and hopefully a sign that...


Top 5 toilets in gaming history

Those crazy guys at Weebl's Stuff just released a new toon, and it's not featuring Hitler in a robot suit on the moon, or Chris the ninja pirate - actually it's gaming related. Sort of. If you're into toilets (and the humor that goes alo...


Time Paradox

Oh hi. Yeah, this is a first entry and I should probably introduce myself... but I'll save the bio for another day. I wrote some stuff in the right column there, you could check it out. I've been lurking around Destructoid since around Chr...


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Pacman, Snipes, Zaxxon and King's Quest on IBM PC
Bump'N Jump and Solaris on Atari 2600

Early 90s
Super Mario Bros series, Chip'n'Dale, Guardian Legend, Little Nemo, Donkey Kong Country and TMNT IV: Turtles in Time on borrowed Nintendo consoles
Alex Kidd in Miracle World, WonderBoy III, Sonic series, Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing on SMS and Mega Drive
Most of Sierra's adventure game lineup, Warcraft 2 and Duke Nukem 3D on PC

Late 90s
First console bought with own money (an N64)
Mario 64, Zelda OoT, Goldeneye, Banjo-Kazooie etc on N64
Got into most of the classic titles I'd missed through emulation (most notably Final Fantasies and RPGs in general)
Also got into Lucasarts adventures I'd missed out on.

Tried my hands on most everything, adult gamerhood :)

Currently enjoying: Broken Sword Directors Cut and Henry Hatsworth on DS, House of the Dead: Overkill on Wii
Replaying Castlevania Games and Majora's Mask
Looking forward to: Diablo 3, Final Fantasy XIII, new discoveries.