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Help a sister out guys. I'm almost set to launch my Etsy shop. I still don't have a name for it. I'm wanting to open March 1st.


So guys, I gotta tell you some great news!!! Your girl WON A PLUSHIE COCK!!! I'm so excited. 😊


Ever wonder how machines embroider?


Today is so Monday. Rainy,gray and kids are home from school for president day. I have work and they are fighting over every fucking thing.


You know what? If I knew how to make a app I have a brilliant Idea. But of course I don't. Has nothing to do with gaming but would be so useful for sewing and would be the only one of its kind. Oh well


Anyone talk to Hlarge4 today? He's been on my mind today. I hope everything is ok.


Look at what I just got in the mail! Ahhh! It's out of print and I managed to snag some! Isn't it amazing?


Well it's my lucky weekend! I get to deal with my Father in Law again today! Twice in one week. I can't stand this man. I like most people but he is on my list!.


Soooooo😁😁 My kids are going with their grandpa for a few hours and Mr. Blues is working over time.... I have the house to myself for a bit... ohhh what shall I do? I need to clean, I want to sew. Hmmmmm


Parents of babies or parents to be. I found this adorable fabric on this would make the cutest baby sleeper


I swear Moms should get R&R. I want a weekend getaway so bad. One where I can hop on a plane and see my Best Buddy in Florida and just be me for a weekend. Not wife, not mom...just me. Sigh!


Ok guys and gals. Now that I've got Babytoid wrapped up let's work on this cookbook. Email me those recipes!


Annnd done! Design 3. It looks great coming and going. Mr. Blues said it might look better with a pocket on it.....whatcha think? Breast pocket or no?


This one is sewing up so good. Can't wait to share the finished shirt


I'm bored and really want to go to bed. So let's keep me entertained. Let's do a ask me anything. I didn't do one for my 100th post. So why not now?


It's only 6:30 p.m here. I'm really thinking about going to bed. Man, I'm tired.


My friend had a podcast that you might want to check out. She is so funny and interesting. Listen to "What's In The Queue?" on Stitcher


Following Plain Dere 2 truths , 1 lie. 1. I love bacon, I put that shit on everything. 2. I was a child model for Sears. 3. I had my work published in a book. Answer below


Ok guys question. My kids had a death of one of their peers in their grade at school. Our son didn't know her. Our daughter met her this year in P.E. Our daughter just called wanting me to come get her out of school because she can't quit crying.


Had to get up with the Mr. To ride to work with him so I could have the van to take kids to school while my car is in the shop. This SUCKS! Now home to get kids up for school, then grocery, then some work, then pick everyone up this afternoon.


#babytoid is a wrap! Thank you everyone who helped out. We collected 247.15. I've sent it over to SrChurros just now. You guys are awesome!


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