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Ohio/Midwest DToiders: ShinbokuCon?

There's going to be an an Anime/Tabletop/Video Game con this Sunday at Lorain County Community College. Yes, I know where Japanator is, but I tend to spend a lot more time on Destructoid and was wondering if there were any Dtoiders in and ...


Does HD matter yet?

OMG TOO COMPLICATED FOR THE AVERAGE CONSUMER Of course it does, to you, me, or any modern gamer or technophile who gets turned on by higher pixel count. It matters to your average electronics store, who was pushing HDTV's like crazy this...


A totally better way to rate games.

It's a topic that's been touched on before, but current game review systems have issues. Between The Orange Box and Super Mario Galaxy, I have seen a metric crapton of 10/10's on various websites. Sure they may be good games, I'm not arg...


Recommendations: The instant game?

Hey, I'm wondering if you guys can recommend an "instant" game. I tend to feel guilty about playing games recently because there's work I'm supposed to be doing. I know that if I start playing, I'll get really involved in it and boom! It...


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