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About W01Fone of us since 6:41 AM on 07.30.2009

Haro names W01F I am 19 and I love you. But enuff about you, you selfish bastard lets talk about me some people study to become doctors others train to be athletes. Me? I play videogames and watch zombie films. My first console to call my own was a SNES bundled with donkey kong country for my birthday. (I think i was 5) But before that my family had a NES my Parents are the ones that got me into gaming but now they don't play but every once in a while now. Games mean a lot to me there my one escape in life where i can let my guard down and let my mind wonder somewhere else.

"We are meat. We are potential carcasses," - Francis Bacon

Games I Love (no real order)

1. Earthbound & Mother 3

2. Silent Hill series

3. Final Fantasy Tactics

4. Suikoden II

5. Mass Effect

6. Fallout series

7. SaGa Frontier

8. Crystalis

9. Ultima Online (most my childhood)

Heres a pic of my dog bwaaa