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The Curse of the Protagonist?


Iím not so bold as to proclaim that all the main characters Iíve named (and more) are automatically lame. But I want to try to understand why I constantly feel this way -- why Iím constantly more invested in the stories behind the second, or third, or fourth or fifth banana than in the first. I can come up with a few reasons. Maybe itís because Iím a little brother; as Yahtzee suggested, thereís a sense of camaraderie and appeal. Maybe itís because Iím usually playing the 2P role; in the case of Abyss, I used Guy while my brother used Luke, so itís only natural Iíd connect with the former. Maybe itís because I put so much stock into ALL characters, and see what they contribute to the game -- like a jigsaw puzzle, or a rock band. Maybe itís all in my head. Maybe Iím the one whoís cursed.

Or maybe itís them. Maybe the main character is bland, and too closely-knit to certain stereotypes. Maybe their need to be comparatively normal and safe and functionally-sound limits their potential and impact. Maybe theyíre annoying, or mopey, or needlessly angry, or stupid, or just plain boring. Whoís to say, really? And rightly so; one manís hero is another manís hemorrhoid.

And thatís where you all come in. Let me know what you think in the comments. What do you think of game protagonists? In general, are they good or bad? Ever find yourself wishing that one of the other cast members had the leading role? Why? Why not? Do you think thereís some problem that side characters donít have? I want to hear it, whatever you have to say, whatever you may feel.

As for meÖwell, I think I need to go see a gypsy or an exorcist or something.

*I don't...I don't actually know anything about drinks or alcohol or...or rocks.

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