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Bored by Power


Iíll be honest. Iím not a badass. Iím not ultra-skilled. Iím not powerful. Iím a super-bantamweight with slow reflexes and a slower land speed. A stiff breeze can knock me over, give me a wedgie, and make off with my lunch money, snickering all the while. And you know what? Iím fine with that. I know thereís always going to be a big divide between whatís happening in real life and whatís happening in the game (it certainly helps that thereís a TV screen between the two). I donít mind playing as -- or even being -- someone else for a little while, as long as the game offers something unique, unexpected, and rewarding. An excess of power isnít going to offer that. Not anymore. Iím getting older, as are other gamers, as is the industry. And if itís going to keep on thriving -- if itís going to keep on giving me, and all of us, experiences that put smiles on our faces -- itís going to take more than a bunch of fancy moves.

Iím ready for you to start branching out, video games. Youíve done it before -- many, many, many times before. And I know you can do it again.

Whew. Another long oneÖand such a grim and preachy post. I need to end on something funny. Letís see hereÖ

Oh, I know. I have a Facebook fan page now. If anybody wants to go over and check it out, thatíd be pretty cool. ĎCause, you know, my birthdayís this Wednesday. Kinda could go for a gift like that. Wink wink. Nudge nudge. Sparkle sparkle.

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