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A Creator's Responsibility


Maybe thatís why I take video games -- the bad ones in particular -- so seriously, as if theyíre an affront to my senses.† Maybe thatís why I take so many potshots at others, acting as if Iím in the right and theyíre in the wrong.† Maybe Iím destined to make just as many mistakes, and worse ones, than they ever will.† Hard to say for sure.† But I guess the only way Iíll know for sure, and the only way I can do my part for others, is to give it a shot.† Ask myself questions.† Ask others questions.† Figure out whatís best for me, for others, and for the story at large.† Iíve been disappointed by games before, and will continue to be disappointed.† But Iíll be damned if I donít give it my all and surpass those Iíve railed against.

Thatís a responsibility Iím glad to take on.† And I hope itís one you guys do, too.

Man, I love that song.

- Thanks for reading! And remember -- if you want to see more content from me, anytime, anywhere, be sure to check out my blog. Give it a read, so we can all become heroes! http://cross-up.blogspot.com/

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I'm a big fan of Atlus' games, and I've enjoyed my fair share of fighters and RPGs. Just...please, keep Final Fantasy XIII out of my sight. It never ends well for anyone involved.

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