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Ouya: Open Market and why it will replace what you have.

Just like everyone else out there we've all been prevue to some awesome development: Ouya. The idea behind this project is to bring mobile gaming home. However the general populace thinks of Angry Birds, not awesome projects like Shadowgun or worse yet even if they have heard of Shadowgun they don't realize any difference between what they're playing and the enhanced version of what they could be playing. Still even then are there any games solely developed for Tegra 3, and not held back by developing a multiple version? The beast on which this system will rely: Tegra 3 can be best described as something which could put graphics engines on current consoles into shock. The Xbox 360 for instance has a 500Mhz Graphics card, the Wii has a 250Mhz, and the PS3 has a 550Mhz Graphics card. The Tegra 3 1.5Ghz the Ouya is running is a quad-core processor. I don't know if you like gang bangs but Ouya could punch all three consoles in the face and have it's way with them not once but multiple times.


This thing has LPDDR2 1 gig ram which in essence is a pure punch in the proverbial ball sack of the current gen games.

Downfall: So there has got to be something bad right it's just playing mobile games after all, and you would be correct. Unfortunately it's using the Tegra 3 purely as a processor not a dedicated graphics powerhouse. Which in this area the Ouya would be the one on the receiving end of a gangbang, well everyone except probably the Wii. Wii is still somehow the bitch of the group.

Lets not get retarded and think Ouya is only a emulating device, that is such an utterly limited scope of mind considering all the various possibles, limited space has been mentioned...it has a 2.0 USB port what limited space, hook up a terabyte hard drive if it concerns you.

The possibles are endless, but for those seeking a more traditional gaming experience I point out over a hundred games comes to mind for $9.99.

Ultimately the idea is sound so keep it in mind the next time your going for a new console. This generation might not be huge, but as consumers replace their next gen consoles with android games it becomes all the more possible for Nvidia to advance mobile technology.


OUYA’s specs

Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor
8GB on-board flash storage
HDMI connection to the TV at 1080p HD
WiFi 802.11bgn
Bluetooth LE 4.0
Enclosure opens with standard screws

Wireless controller with 2.4GHz RF
Standard game controls (two analog sticks, D-pad, eight action buttons, a system button)
Touchpad for porting mobile games more easily
2x AA batteries
Enclosure opens with standard screws

OS and Software:
Android 4.0
Custom TV UI
Integrated custom game store — find and download games (and other apps)
Includes SDK for game development
Ability to root device without voiding warranty
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