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Playing on Xbox360 Rapes YOU

According to Jim of Dtoid fame, it would be in Sony's best interest to cultivate better relationships with publishers/developers to better their ability to prevent hacking, and to allow the PSN to become a competitor with Xbox 360. U Acc...


M.A.G: For Dummies

Sometimes you see a flashing light in the shape of a square over an icon that has the letter A and think what the hell is that, then suddenly a voice is like move and capture A, not a human voice but an automated voice. Even more confusing...


Uncharted 2 better than sex

I just had to post this, this has to be the most wild description of Uncharted 2 I've ever heard. At no point does it describe gameplay, mechanics, or anything else that a normal magazine might tell you about Uncharted. Instead it tells y...


Playboy 2010, January Game Girls

As we already know from this Dtoid video, sometimes you just have to get nude. NSFW However what about nudity for a men's magazine, Playboy for instance? I'm not sure, it seems odd to me that money exchanged hands for virtual nudity. W...


White Knight: Online Preview

White Knight has been out for quite a while now in Japan, yet we have so little information. What does exist is a constant pelvic thrust of the same old same old, an example of this can be seen below, vague mention of getting material onli...


MW2: Famous for Nothing?

This is going to be a different type of post, one that doesn't praise Infinity Ward for everything they do. No instead this is a critical review of the multiplayer gameplay. Namely some things that came from IW's mouth that are poorly imp...


MW2: Info List

Ok for whatever reason I try to hide info in my posts I don't know for purposes of rewarding the smart? I've decided maybe I should present it more openly. Before you say this has already been posted on the front of Dtoid, there actually ...


Modern Warfare 2: Glitches Edition

They say this is an "elevator" glitch, honestly I have no clue wtf an elevator glitch is. I think there talking about invisible walls where you can get up on top of them. They are actually geometric shapes that were not made into the sh...


COD: MW2 Review (cgaming)

Info from description: Here is my Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Exclusive Video Review. Please watch in HD for best viewing results. It is possibly one of the best games in 2009. For more reviews, previews, and videos, head to www.cgami...


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