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A new way to feel about your multiplayer

Something happened to me a few days ago. I decided that after beating Batman: Arkham Asylum and Wolfenstein that I would pop in Halo 3. I had picked it to reacquainted with Halo in order to be ready for Halo: ODST. As I was playing I noticed that something about the multiplayer for me had changed. It took me a while to figure out exactly what it was, but what had changed was my attitude towards multiplayer. I used to worry about leveling and just straight up winning all the time in Halo. Employing that mentality drained my patience and made me furious with the game. The weird thing is I'm playing with a quarter of that heckling me in the back of my mind but i try to black it out and instead focus on having fun. Instead of getting pissed when my corpse flys after being hit by a sticky, I laugh at my Spartan flying and landing in a position that looks like he received a hell of a blowjob. Instead of yelling that the sword fight was unfair I laugh when I see my killer get immediately assassinated by another attacker. I think everyone should try this out to help them with multiplayer. Because winning is not what games are all about, they were made with fun in mind.
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