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I finally finished Deathloop. Who would've thought a time-loop game would get repetitive towards to the end? Still, a good time overall. Even had some fun invading other people's games.


Edinburgh Zoo was great. Damn I love looking at animals. Here's some fucking majestic giraffes.


I resent work even more now that it takes up valuable Elden Ring time. That and not getting paid properly. At least I finally have a week off, and going to Scotland over the weekend to see some Chinese pandas and shit.


One of you lot? First message marker I've seen that looks special...


It's so nice that I can just ignore Margit and explore for ~14 hours, before returning levelled and with better equipment to beat them. Now a whole castle to explore? Heck yes.


Ah, the old dilemma of do I buy this weapon now or will I find it somewhere later on and save myself a few hundred runes...


Well ER was running relatively smoothly until today, when it froze for about 30 seconds. At least it didn't crash fully. Maybe it'll only happen once every 13 hours... *Sigh*


Gradually getting into Deathloop, there's just so much to keep track of and not sure what to tackle first. I guess I just pick a route for each loop? At least everything is signposted, I rarely have the concentration to figure out where to go.


Well the quick patch for ER yesterday seems to have stopped the worst of the stuttering for me. Have found a noble steed and much fun is being had. Also, I was VERY pleased to find a tortoise plodding about.


Though spoiled by the irritating PC performance issues, I got absorbed by ER for a few hours last night. The mix of BOTW exploration and Dark Souls is very much my thing. Debating waiting for a patch before playing more though *sigh*.


Dark Souls 2 finished, with one day to spare. Hoping for a smooth launch.


Iron King's crown get. Managed the Fume Knight on my first try, was a great fight. Alonne took a few goes though. May not finish the game before ER, but that's fine I don't want to rush through it.


Man, some of these Hotline Miami 2 levels are quite bad. Difficult but not in a good way, just frustrating. At least the music is still great.


Beat Sinh in DS2, that was a good fight. On track to finish the last 2 DLCs before Elden Ring.


Fromsoft have apparently taken all Dark Souls PVP servers offline due to an exploit that allows hackers to do bad stuff to your PC. Rumours that it could affect Elden Ring as well. The Rat King won't be pleased that I can't serve him.


Welp, my jumpy heartbeat episodes are back, keeping me awake. Need to be up in a few hours. Tomorrow is going to be rough. Body sucks. Venting over, here is dogs.


Well isolation is over and it's back to work. Joy. Thankfully dont seem to have infected anyone I live with.


Well isolation is over and it's back to work. Joy. Thankfully dont seem to have infected anyone I live with.


I started Dark Souls 2 SOTFS last month after watching my bf play DS1 and decided to revisit the Soulses. Hadn't played them in a few years and now got the addiction again, also it's nice to be able to play with a stable internet connection this time.


Strangeland contains quite a lot of gibberish. Using a walkthrough more in this last third as not much of anything makes sense. I know it's going for surreality, but I preferred Primordia where the way to proceed was a bit more logical.


Good new: I guess I don't have to go back to work for another week. Bad news: it's because I just tested positive for covid. Happy new year!


Happy Xmas Dtoid


Got another cool mug. I enjoy cool mugs.


Back in work this week. Sad to discover that bland covers of songs that don't need covers is still a thing on the radio. Share your favourite red panda pic or something to help me through this.




Still no Metroid stuff in ACNH. I had loads in New Leaf. Sad times.


Played Hotline Miami again for the first time in about 8 years. Still a fun time, but man those boss fights are frustrating. Also this was the game (and the sequel) that helped me onto my current musical path, due to the brilliant soundtrack.


Why I like Porcupine Tree:


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