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Review - The Cat Lady

Another one from the backlog. Developer: Harvester Games Publisher: Screen 7 Platform: Microsoft Windows The Cat Lady is a graphic adventure game with supernatural and horror themes. The basic gameplay is simple; explore, solve puzzles, t...


Hopes for Dark Souls Ⅱ

After I completed Dark Souls' Artorias of The Abyss DLC last year, my total play time for the whole game adds up to around 200 hours. I decided it's time to put it away for a while... But that doesn't mean I've had enough, oh no. The "Sou...


Welcoming The New Generation

Oh! A new generation of consoles, how exciting! Seriously, this isn't a sarcastic, cynical “I don't care” post. I am genuinely looking forward this gen as it fully kicks-off now the Xbox One is out, as it's the first one I'll actually be p...


Let's Go Fishing! - A Silly Blog About Fishing in Games

Fishing is bloody boring. In real life, I mean. I've tried it a couple of times, I even caught a starfish on a school trip which was pretty cool, but it's not for me. Mainly because I'd have to go outdoors. It's also dangerous; I tried fish...


Capsized Review

Oh look I did a review again. Kind of irrelevant as it's been out for like two years, but hey, it's practice. I chose a smaller game to look at this time, if anyone reads this I'd appreciate constructive criticism on writing style etc., tha...


Resident Evil - Goddammit, Capcom

I feel strongly about the Resident Evil series. It kickstarted my love for both horror games and all things zombie related simultaneously. My introduction to the series was the remake of Resident Evil on Gamecube, having missed the PS1 titl...


Violence: The Blame Game

"Are videogames too violent?" Whenever this gets brought up in a discussion on violence in videogames, I roll my eyes. Too violent for who, for what? For society? To be accepted as an art form? Too violent for parents, who are worried thei...


Dishonored Review (PS3)

Yes I know it's been out for a while, shush. I started writing this a couple months ago but didn't get round to getting it finished until now, so, here is a review what I did. Developer: Arkane Studios Publisher: Bethesda Softworks The ...


Horror Story: Amnesia is hard to forget...

(Bewaaaarre: contains spoilery description of scenes in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Also, mild peril.) No game has had the ability to freeze my body in my seat, make me clench my teeth in anxiety and squint my eyes in fear of glimpsing some...


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