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King James Approves VIDEO Games

July 6th, 1612 There was a surprise turn of events for England’s suffering recreation industry today, as monarch King James, overruled the century old ‘Entertainment Corruption act’ as proposed by Henry VIII, therefore allowing VIDEO (Vast...


Would you like some Phone with that?

Did nobody ask Q to design this piece of crap? Recently Apple released their latest edition of the ever popular iPhone, except there’s a catch. It’s not a phone. Now let me be the first to say Apple are a brilliant company, their product...


Bringing Hardcore to the Masses.

Following all the hype surrounding Microsoft’s new Kinect system, much of the xbox community has been concerned by the company’s new venture, worried by the fact that the Kinect is clearly aimed towards the famiy and casual gamer market. Ma...


Kinect with me

Let’s face it, E3 was generally unremarkable. The Extravagant Los Angeles games expo failed to reveal many surprises; with Nintendo the only one of the three giants of the gaming industry, to present anything truly inspiring. The new Nint...


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