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10 little known facts about a daily supply of Vitamin Awesome.


I really like this 10 things you didn't know Idea, and thought I ought to contribute. It certainly is a nice way to get to know each other better.

10. I was hardcore before knowing what hardcore was.

Redundancy at its finest, but it gets the point across. My first system was the Atari 5200. Sure we had a 2600 around, but that predates me. It didn't stop me from playing that as well. I barely remember when my dad came home with a Nintendo, but I do remember when he came home with certain games for it. At that point I had a Nintendo-branded everything, from Pajamas and bedsheets to shoes, and when I needed them- glasses.

9. I moved around a lot when I was a kid.

I wasn't in a school long enough to make friends. I stayed in Minnesota, but it was always in a different area. As I got older, my mom always blamed herself for that, but I've told her on countless occasions that I wouldn't have wanted it any other way... well, with the exception of a couple more games. My Nintendo and SNES were my best friends, and I remember when the pins on the NES crapped out on me. I opened it up, determined to perform surgery on my best friend to get it back up and running. Unsurprisingly, at the age of 9, I wasn't able to.

8. My Favorite Band is Nine Inch Nails.

I managed to get my parents to get me "Pretty Hate Machine" when I was just a wee lad at about 8. I don't know how I managed to do it, but I did. Mention of Reznor's involvement with id Software also turned me on to Quake and FPSes in General. Sure I had Doom beforehand, but Quake was when I REALLY got into it.

7. I'm Native American

Well, half anyway. The portrayal of Native Americans in games have made leaps and bounds of progress, from being completely nude sex objects in Custer's Revenge to being Main protagonists in Prey. Stereotypes can be a touchy subject for some, but isn't it also considered racism to exclude a group from occasional lampooning? Things in the past are just that, in the past, and I'm just glad that my heritage is able to last, a quick glance in the history books will show there are plenty of other cultures that are gone forever.

6. I used to be an MMO addict.

I'm not proud to admit it, but about 7 years ago, before World of Warcraft was even out, I was sitting at my computer desk, clicking away in Everquest. I managed to lose jobs, ruin relationships, and waste an exuberant amount of money because of it. I discovered the Guild Wars beta soon afterward, stopped paying that monthly fee for EQ, and never looked back. Well, looked back a couple times, only to facepalm at my former self. I can't say I'm recovering, though. I recently tried playing it again during some "hey come back we miss your money" event, but just didn't see the appeal, I wish I could have been like that before shit hit the fan. I tried WoW, but it was the same shit, with a different smell.

5. My gaming goes beyond the screen.

I used to play Magic and other card games, but never liked keeping up with the 500 extra cards they'd add each week. I'm big on Traditional card games, especially Cribbage and Rummy. I dig the D&D, as well as GURPS and other such stuff.

4. I have a Generic Name.

There are at least a Dozen famous people with my name, Robert Morris; Including the financier of the American Revolution, an Artist that made a modern-day stonehenge in the Netherlands, the lead singer of "The Hush Sound", a famous Jeweler, a Cryptographer who was formerly head of the NSA (and his son, who created the first internet virus), as well as a cocktail that bears my name. It's essentially a Shirley Temple (Sprite and Grenadine) spiked with Coconut Rum.

3. I was a hobo for about 6 months.

The house I was renting from got foreclosed on me without any warning from the person I was renting from. I couldn't afford a place that was more than 200 a month, so I decided to sell what I could (A lot of video games went that way and made me very sad) and roam the country. I ended up going from Minnesota to Arizona, and ended up finding a job out there. Before you know it, I went from squatting at a bus stop in front of a taco shop to having a nice apartment completely furnished by other peoples' furniture. I did eventually move back to MN, but I'd still like to move out there again someday.

2. My Favorite TV show was on MTV.

No it wasn't The Real World or Road Rules. It was Sifl and Olly.

1. I really like Yoo-hoo.

Seriously. Shit's amazing.
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