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New Cosplay: Mamimi from FLCL and Super Mario Sisters!

Hey Guys! I wanted to stop in and say hi again! I plan on doing another quick post with some of my writing updates, and some info about my trip to Midway Gamer’s Day. Work keeps me pretty busy and I am trying to fit more gaming time in than ever to stay updated. This means most of my online profiles are going quiet, so I apologize for not hanging around as much as I would like. For now I realized I never did a blog about my newest cosplay costumes, Mamimi from the anime FLCL and Mario from our Super Mario Sisters spin-off! I remember telling a few of you about the costumes in my last post – and now they are done and all photographed. I am staying busy with costumes though; I am finishing up Zatanna and Elektra for the next two weeks…back to more my style cosplay…lol

Super Mario Sisters:

This costume started out as a way to get one of my friends to try cosplay for Anime Detour 2008. She loves Nintendo, so we figured Mario girls would be a easy first costume for her. Haha…easy…right. At first we were going to hit up some thrift stores and try to find denim overalls, but we fell in love with this quilted fabric at the store. We grabbed some blue for Mario and Luigi, and purple for Wario. Making the overall-skirts took an entire day because the pattern I grabbed was really confusing. It was my first time sewing ever and I had never used a pattern before so we had some trouble. Lots of backtracking and removing stitching needless to say. In the end, I don’t think you can tell how much we struggled with the skirts.

The three of us got our shirts at American Apparel, so they are really comfortable. We decided to do white tights and matching shoes. The shoes we are wearing are the only ones all three of us could agree on, which sucked because we could not find the right sizes. One of us was wearing shoes a size too big and one a size too small. I picked up three pairs of white gloves at Party City, and got the hats at Target. We took the ribbon that was on the hats off, and ended up using fabric markers to color the hats. That took FOREVER, but it was the best way to match our colors perfectly without mixing dye. We ironed on the white circle and little letter and we were done!

Wario had a plushie coin cube at home a well as a Yoshi, so I brought along my Goomba so we would all have something to pose with. We did a photoshoot before we went to the convention, where we had one of our guy friends join us. When he found out we were doing female versions of Mario characters, he decided to go as “Prince Peach.” He made a kilt and carried around a golden golf club. When people realized what he was, it was epic. At the shoot we goofed around a ton and took some silly photos. I am happy with the results!

Mamimi from FLCL:

I usually do comic book or video game related costumes, so I was really excited to step out of my shell and try something different with Mamimi. FLCL was the first anime I ever watched, and my friend really wanted to dress as Haruko so it seemed perfect for me to go as Mamimi.

The costume was supposed to be really easy, but as most of you probably know everything is always more of an endeavor than we first think it would be. I found a blue zip-up right away and modified it by cutting off the hood and adding a collar. Considering I had never sewn before in my life, it was much harder to figure out than I thought it would be. In the end it worked out well enough. The skirt was defiantly the hardest part. I bought a pattern and went at it. Pleats are hard!!! The skirt turned out pretty well in the end. I ordered the wig from eBay and was really happy with it. I love the highlights in it and it is just the right length.

The socks were easy enough to find at a local retail store, where I got the shoes as well. I will be honest, the shoes are ugly as hell but they were the most comfortable things I have ever worn while cosplaying. I painted the red star on to the undershirt, and dyed a white bag blue for her backpack. It is not quite the right color blue, but it was as close as I could get! After sewing on the white stripe I was done with the costume!

I set up a shoot before Anime Detour so we could document our costumes. My friends Haruko costume turned out amazing. Shooting an anime costume was crazy different than shooting a sexpot comic character. Mamimi always acts spacey and wears minimal makeup so I did the same.

I will stop back in soon!
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