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My first week at Game Informer!

I just thought I would share how my first official week in the working world went! Without any hesitation I can say that I love my new job already. This week was amazing. Stupid things like having a desk make me giggle. The first day I showed up to the Game Informer office with a box full of toys and a Superman lunchbox. I felt so cool…LOL.

The office is amazing and the guys there are uber nice. I am the only girl on the floor so I have the bathroom to myself. There is a giant life-sized statue of Kain and Lynch trying to kill each other in the lobby that scares me whenever I leave at night. The halls are covered with giant posters of past Game Informer issues and I find myself wandering around to admire them.

On Monday I did all the standard stuff I needed to do in order to make myself an employee. I filled out paperwork, set up my email and my voicemail. On Tuesday I posted my first two news updates. One was about the new Wii channel available in Japan and the other was about the Undertow expansion pack being released for XBL. I started Wednesday the same way buy posting an update about the problems with the 360 port of Bully. In the middle of the day Wednesday the fun really began. Mid-day a Nintendo rep walked in and hand delivered a playable build of Mario Kart Wii for us to preview. The guys let me work on it and I spent the rest of the day playing and taking notes (you feel bad for me right?) Thursday and Friday were spent working on the preview, which officially went up today! You have to check it out!

I am really excited because I get to go to my first development house next month. I am going down to Vegas for Midway’s Gamer Day ON MY OWN…which is kinda cool! One of the other cool things from this week was getting my “yellow photo” taken for the website. Whenever I used to read Game Informer I would look at the editors yellow headshots and wish I was one of them. Once again, when I am really happy I look like a goof-ball in my photos…so I look like a dork in it. You can check out my profile here…and make sure to look at my list of favorite websites!

Anyway, this is a rambling piece of poo post because I am REALLY tired right now. I just wanted to share with all of you! Let me know what you think of my Mario Kart preview post!
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