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Now that both Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces are done, time to relax. FOR NOW. Enjoy this one-off of Kirby's Dream Land!


Ever wondered how Shadow made Infinite rethink his entire life? Here's your answer.


Is there a reason why I'm playing SoulCalibur Legends for the Wii? Yeah, there's one... it's for the next LP.


Streaming more Splatoon 2's Splatfest.


Money or Love? The answer lies in this month's Splatfest!


No matter what happens, always believe in the power of the Fist Bump. The final part of Sonic Forces is out now!


This is the part of the Let's Play where it all goes downhill from here. Part 11 is out now!


As if Eggman blasting the moon wasn't enough... Infinite warps the sun. Part 10 is out now!


How do we escape Null Space? WITH THE POWER OF THE FIST BUMP! Part 9 is out now!


We're gonna do Vector proud and Find The Computer Room! Part 8 is out!


Tekken 7, SF5 Arcade Edition, Smash 4, Blazblue Cross, GGXrdR2, Injustice 2, Melee, and Dragon Ball FighterZ will be at EVO this year. Blog is coming up soon.


Reminder: EVO 2018's lineup reveal will be tonight.


Fist bumping isn't just a special handshake. It's a way of life. Part 7 is out now!


Fun is Infinite. And I'm not talking about that creepy image from Sonic CD. Part 6 is out now!


M. Night Shamalyan would be proud. Part 5 is out now!


It appears that I have... a gambling problem. Part 4 is out now!


How edgy is too edgy? The result is Infinite. Part 3 is now out!


Nightmare, Kilik, and Xianghua returns in SoulCalibur VI, while a new character, Groh, makes his debut. Also, it seems that Soul Edge may have triggered Kilik's killing intent.


Classic Sonic is warped to the Modern world once again, OC Character Don't Steal invades the Death Egg, and Modern Sonic fights Zavok (and fails at it). Part 2 is now up!


The first LP of 2018. We can't leave Sonic Mania on a cliffhanger.


I'll be damned. Yuji Naka, the developer of the Sonic series, is now with Square Enix.


Popped in SF5 Arcade Edition. They finally have something for frame advantage. About damn time!


I played DBFZ's Open Beta. Had lots of fun, despite my terrible moments. But that's the best feeling in when playing fighters.


Back again with Splatoon 2! Go Team Comedy!


Streaming Splatoon 2's Splatfest: Action vs. Comedy


I should have added SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy to the list of Fighters Coming Out in 2018. Oh well...


Shoryuken's Forums are coming to an end after 20 years. It will happen at the end of the month.


Home from MAGFest. Finally got a chance to meet Somecallmejohnny, Tom Fawkes (for the second time), and TRG's Chugga, ProtonJon, and NCS.


Making final preparations for MAGFest before I head out. BTW, Wrestle Kingdom 12 is tonight!


Final # of entrants for EVO Japan 2018. Street Fighter V: 2256, GGXrd: 1225, T7: 1200, Smash 4: 793, BBCF: 633, KOF14: 557, ARMS: 340.


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