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Today marks the one-year anniversary of Sonic Mania! Part 5 is out!


Forgot to post this yesterday. Part 4 of Sonic Mania Plus is out!


Just so that we are clear, when I write fighting game blogs, I usually share my experiences in the FGC to Destructoid. Especially for people who are just getting into fighting games for the first time.


Daigo Umehara gave some good advice for new players who are getting into fighting games the first time.


I think my penis exploded with all that hype from that Smash Bros. Direct.


Yeah... I had to cool off after hearing that Anna and Lei would return to Tekken 7, while The Walking Dead's Negan would be making an appearance.


In case you missed it, Team Ninja teased the next two characters returning to DOA6. Those two look familiar... Wait until August 20 at Gamescom 2018.


Hey Metal Sonic, you look... different. Episode 3 of Sonic Mania Plus is now live!


It looks like they made Hayate more technical this time around in DOA6.


How OP is Mighty? Watch Part 2 of Sonic Mania Plus LP to find out!


Aside from Diego making his debut in Dead or Alive 6, it seems that the meter system has changed to two bars now. Break Holds cost one bar, while Break Blows cost a full bar.


Welcome back to the Mania! Episode 1 is out now!


I must say, Footsies is a great game to play if you are learning about timing, spacing, whiff punishment, and hit confirms in fighting games. You can play it on PC or on Mobile.


In fighting games, the only person that you can blame on for your shortcomings is yourself. That's only if you are competing at offline events. Don't be a DSP.


I think for Encore Mode, I should play the game normally first, then focus on Emeralds second. The Special Stages are more difficult than Mania Mode's and I won't want to spend an entire episode getting them all.


Since I forgot to make that announcement yesterday on here, I will be playing Sonic Mania Plus for the LP Channel.


The next Let's Play announcement will be made on Tuesday!


From my understanding, Dojo, Danger Zone, and Attack on Titan are banned in the DOA5 Last Round tournament at EVO 2018.


So it seems that a new tech has been discovered on DOA5 Last Round. It's called the Free Step Dash Cancel, or FSDC for short.


The fighting game community is starting to notice how good Mario Tennis Aces is. GOOD.


Along with Story Mode, offline modes such as Arcade, Time Attack, Team Battle, Survival, and versus are back in DOA6.


One thing I also need to point out with Fatal Rush in DOA6: You can attempt to hold the first hit, but if you get hit by it at all, it is an unholdable Fatal Stun. It's this game's Critical Burst.


I have several concerns about DOA6's Fatal Rush and the Break Blow system.


DOA6, SoulCalibur VI, and Smash Bros. Ultimate... I love fighting games. "But Smash isn't a figh-" I DON'T CARE!


This needed to be said: when it comes explaining a fighting game to someone, there's a difference between a proper explanation and just being overly defensive.


When it comes to talking about fighting games between a competitive player and a casual player, these two won't see eye-to-eye at times. Finding a common ground isn't easy to do.


So I just learned that Break Blows in Dead or Alive 6 are actually scary as hell. It's a sabaki that will reflect highs, mids, and throws. Holy shit.


How far can I go with The Ultimate Choice?! The finale of Kirby Star Allies is out!


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