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Is there still an "excuse" to buy a console?

Maybe I'm just that much smarter or much more adept at computers than most people, but it has always mystified me how people say that it's too hard to build a gaming rig, some say it's too expensive...

True, most of those people haven't touched a video card part in years, if ever, but what do I know?

So just to make sure, I'll run down the list of the three biggest "excuses":

1.I don't know how to build a PC

Let me make this as simple as possible, do you know how to use this:

And can you differentiate between the previous one and this one:

If you do, then congratulations, you can spend at most 15 minutes in front of a gutted PC and figure out where everything plugs into what..

If you failed to pass that test... Well how the hell are you reading this?

If you did not catch my snooty, condescending tone back there, I'm implying that building a PC is as easy as taking a piss, you don't need to be a genius to build PCs, it's not a god given talent that supernerds can lord over you from their ivory towers, You're taking give-or-take six parts (Motherboard, Hard Disk, Graphics Card, RAM, CPU, power supply and maybe a disk drive) and plugging them into a case, good job, you just made a PC.

Some people are worried that you might end up buying a wrong part or something incompatible, but really? Just ask the person you just bought the part from if it will work with this other part you're buying, at most it'll take five more minutes to call that other guy who DOES know more about PCs and him taking a look over before giving you a pass or getting you a proper part.

2. It's actually much more expensive to build a PC than to just buy a console

I hear this one a lot, and the conversation usually goes something like this:

Idiot: "When you count in the upgrades and the bad parts you have to replace in the long run, PCs are much more expensive than consoles."

Me: "Ah, so you build your own PCs then?"

Idiot: "... No, because they're too expensive."

Let's set aside the fact that you're already considering to plop down a hefty price for at least one console, a couple more hundreds and/or few hours of learning a new skill is not going to kill you.

Let's even forget the fact that the previous argument is a bit too strawman-ish and over the top, but you get the idea, arguing from a position of ignorance, it's true that:

A) a "good" gaming rig can cost somewhere from $600-$1000 and

B) it is true that you will eventually need to upgrade your rig.

But here's the thing:

A) what people consider a "good" gaming rig right now is technically more powerful than even the PS4 and

B) upgrading your rig comes at a fraction of the cost, and you won't need to do that until at least the next console generation cycle (i.e. PlayStation 5 days)

So while you do need to pay about $600 NOW, in the long run you'd be paying about the same amount as you would with consoles.

But it gets even better, you see, we have something that makes owning a PC much more economic than owning a console, it's a beautiful thing called "Steam":

Just imagine a choir singing in the background

Aside from being somewhat cheaper to buy games in general on the PC (most AAA games cost $50 instead of $60 at launch), Steam practices this revolutionary tactic of "putting games on sale", where you can get a relatively new games for half or lower than their original prices at given points in time, and those cuts in game purchases usually save you a lot more money in the long run than shying away from a single big payment at the entry point, not to mention the larger variety of games you can actually play.

But I shouldn't salivate on Steam's cock (or vagina, anthopomorphizations are not set in stone and I'm all for gender equality in my racy humor) for too long, it'd be too unsightly.

Let's talk more about upgrading your PC, you see, when you do that, the cost of upgrading one's PC doesn't vary that much, as it usually costs somewhere in the range of $150~$250 to just stay in the same bracket every console generation cycle, so in essence, the concept of PCs costing more than consoles will become more ludicrous with the passing of each generation to come for you, you don't belive me? Let's do some math then:

Let us assume that you're a gamer on a budget and can only afford either a PC or a single console, and on average, you're paying $400 for a console right out of the gate in the console generation (It's usually more, but I'm being optimistic), while getting a PC of equal or higher power would set you back for $600, let's see how the total goes along the console cycles:

1st cycle: Consoles($400) PC($600) (PC is more expensive)

2nd cycle: Consoles($800) PC($800) (already PC gaming has caught up to Consoles)

3rd cycle: Consoles($1200) PC($1000) (consoles lose...)

And that's only assuming you still spend the same amount of money on games you did when you used consoles, at which you have more games in your library than you used to, either that or you save even more money that pointed out on the table above.

Finally, we have my favorite "excuse" when people don't want to buy PCs:

3. I just don't want to bother with all the drivers and stuff

Question 1: Are you using a computer right now (PC or Laptop, Windows or Mac)? Or own one if you're using a cell phone?

Question 2: Does it work?

If you answered yes to those two questions, then trust me, you can handle the "drivers and stuff" you get from a gaming PC.


Now I've basically talked about why most of the reasons people give as to why they don't want to switch to a gaming PC, I haven't really talked much about the PROs of owning one in that much detail (other than prostituting myself to Steam...), and of course, feel free to tell me of other "excuses" why it isn't outright better to just get a gaming PC and be done with it, maybe I'll even do a follow-up if there's enough fanboy rag-... Erm, "civilized discussion" in the comments.
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