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Remember guys, no matter who ends up being the final smash character after today... The internet will still be upset and we will not hear the end of all the complaints that someone else didn't get the spot.


The first horror movie of the Season for me is A Quiet Place. It's been on my radar for a while tbh. It was a fun movie and I appreciated the actors who did some fine silent acting. I question the creatures though.


*Turns off Animal Crossing* *Finds out it's the weekend tomorrow* Uh oh... I think I've fallen back into the Animal Crossing hole hard.


Ouch, GOG have recently released Hitman 2016 with all of it's online DRM still intact. All while advertising this still.


Welp I turned on Animal Crossing after 6 months as my villagers told me. It was kind of nice to go back and see my town again and looking forward to seeing what Brewster will bring in this game.


If Jack Black is Bowser they should have Kyle Gass play a koopa troopa that stays close by.


Apologies in advance if I freak out over the new Kirby game too much. Like holy shit I want this game to be released yesterday (yes I have already rewatched the trailer numerous times).


Oh wow tons of highlights for me. Kirby looks great, New Horizons update is unexpected but welcome, Got to love Bayonetta and of course Metroid Dread and SMTV


In honor of Dark Souls 10th I have done the one thing I haven't done in the last decade. Roll a mage class. Years of muscle memory screwing me over is how that went.


That's my 2nd screamer done. This time I set out to experiment with colour mixing. Just blue's and reds here (apart from the eyes), and a Bit too much water unfortunately.


Almost pre-ordered the new Orks battletome last weekend with one of the new models, but in the end I decided it would be better to keep the focus on my Tzeentch daemons. So instead I ordered 2 boxes of blue horrors for my pinks so I can become "that guy."


Capcom my proposal... Mega Man Legends 3


FInally got a week long vacation off work. No plans in place apart from WarioWare which I just bought.


Gran Turismo 7 really didn't impress. It looked very bland compared to Forza Horizon 5. I'm kind of disapointed honestly


Very happy with my floaty boi. I tried a few new different techniques like dry brushing and layering. Also to my surprise didn't make a mess with the finer details like the eyes and the red scales.


Happy birthday Hlarge. May your Estus never run empty.


Open question to the 40k crowed. The Imperium magazine subscription has now shipped and I have been wondering. Any recommended chapters I should paint the space marines as?


Ordered a pin vise and some green stuff. Looking forward to trying it out. I still need a certain paint colour for my previous wip which is on pause though.


Delicious copypasta: The 360 and Wii are as old now as the SNES and Mega Drive were when the 360 and Wii launched.


All 3 flamers are build and ready for painting. I'm thinking of giving the other two some different skin tones to keep with the theme of human/demonic horror if I can pull it off. The little bits were a real pain in the ass to get on the backs though lol.


This is a WIP but it's both the first Tzeentch deamon I'm attempting to paint and the first attempt at blending two colours together. I think it's come out pretty well. I was certainly not going to paint any of my monsters the cartoony colours on the box.


I painted more Orks today and as a juxtaposition of last week I'm actually very pleased with how they turned out. I opted not to use shaders this time which I think has helped. Ignore the bases as I've yet to get the materials to do those.


I can't say I'm super proud of my painting skills here. They came out ok I guess. Well I said I would post my first attempt at painting and here it is lol.


I'm pretty proud of these guys. Sure it may have taken me 2 evenings to get just the chariot and changecaster built so I know I'm not beating any speed records but I love em. (The pen is just for support until the glue dries)


Sweet baby Tzeentch these kits are intricate compared to the starter box stuff. This is what I've accomplished since my last post (the wizard isn't done yet). I love how customisable each model is even with just the alternative options on it's own sprue.


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