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Its A Mad MadWorld :Readers

What can only be described as a rag of a so called news paper, named the Daily Mail released
shocking column inches recently readers.

The paper was quoted on saying:

'Horrified Parents' - are claiming that the release of violent and downright unsavoury video game "MadWorld"
will change the family-friendly reputation of the machine.

Now at first this appeared to be a some what blasé retort, something which the "paper" would get away, which
until very recently would have been the case.

Last Wednesday however, Sega the publisher of Madworld have made a controversial move in a bold bid to both
appease angry parents as well as middle class bullshite publications (naming no names). Sega are claiming
plans to post copies of sed game on its release to current owners of the Nintendo Wii in a last ditch attempt to
'get copies into minor's hands'.

In reaction it has been commented by some that Saga and developers PlatinumGames could lose money on this
stunt, however Vice President Peter Moore was quoted saying

'I couldn't give two fucks as long as it pisses of the likes of 'John Beyer' and other anti-game fascists.'

So what does this all mean, well firstly free games for all of us Wii owners, "hurrah" I hear you say, well don't be
celebrating just yet, as even though this appears like a win for the general gaming population now, just look what
is around the corner that's right 'GTA IV DLC' and yet more bloody controversy

-Vimto 2008-
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