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I guess this is it. If you'd like to keep in touch, you can find me on Twitter (%20), Twitch (vixxiie), at ggsgamer.com and letsplayvideogames.com. Goodbye, children. :( <3 Edit: stupid parsing. :/ Twitter is at-underscore-vixx


Real talk: you guys are awesome. Keep it up. <3


It's my Destructoanniversary on 9 April! How shall I celebrate? Besides getting drunk and crying about Silent Hills, of course.


Dtoid: should I get The Division or Xbox One or PS4? DISCUSS. My crew/clan CANNOT MAKE UP THEIR MINDS!


I don't know if Halo 5's PvP Slayer ranking system is horribly brilliant or brilliantly horrible. All I know is, every match goes to the wire and I'm very tired of being a silver rank!


Going to see Silent Hill Live tonight and I am so excited I might actually vomit. YAY.


Here's me playing Zombi and freaking out. ENJOY. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yb9dLufvRT4


Last night's DestrUKtoid recording was one of my favs. I shouted Destiny a lot - yay! Hey, listen! http://www.destructoid.com/destruktoid-episode-16-big-pause-307298.phtml


Slowest download in the history of forever. Fate is not on my side with this stream! Will do it tomorrow, before or after we record the Dtoid podcast!


FML. Zombi should've downloaded overnight, but... didn't. PFT. So: downloading now. Hopefully it'll be in in the next hour or so but if not I AM SO SORRY EVERYTHING IS CURSED. Will keep you posted!


(And if you're on Twitch, feel free sub/follow me at twitch.tv/vixxiie. That way you can be notified of when I'm streaming, so you don't have to deal with my shitty timekeeping again!)


I'm SO SORRY for leaving people hanging yesterday! ;_; I double-booked myself, so had to push my stream to tonight. If you don't hate me and would still like to watch me scream playing Zombi, join me tonight - 7pm BST (11am PST??) at twitch.tv/vixxiie


I was thinking of streaming Zombi on PS4 tonight. Would you be interested in coming along? There'll be lots of embarrassing screaming, I'm sure. :P You can find me at twitch.tv/vixxiie. I'll be on around 7pm BST! (11am PST) <3


I hated that a storm brought us home early from vacation ... AND THEN THERE WAS GJALLY!


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