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The Anti-Piracy Experiment

I have been an illegal downloader for some time and a fan of the PC gaming industry for even longer. Like most, it is all too easy to illegally download, with good intentions of purchasing later. Other times illegal downloaders believe PC g...


Digital Pirates Will Pay!

I am not talking about walking the plank, or spending an eternity in Davy Jones's locker, I am not even referring to seafaring pirates! But I am talking about digital piracy, illegal downloading, and one of the hottest topics on copy infrin...


Is Piracy Growing?

The teacher stands before the class. “Children, today we are going to answer the question of piracy?” The little boys and girls, all beaded eyed and fixed on the teachers professional authority, are hanging on every word. “Now hands up wh...


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Anti-Piracy Strategies to Return Your Illegal Downloading Losses!

"We are a company which helps PC Game Publishers and Developers outsmart piracy. We have developed a strategy making it frustrating for gamers to use an illegal download. But we go one step further and offer a convenient option. We turn illegal downloaders into satisfied customers."