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One Last Rebellion Coming Up on Feb 23 (shortandsleepyblog)

It's 6am here in the Philippines, and I haven't slept yet because of some stupid patching I need to do, however, I'm about to turn in and while looking for info on White Knight Chronicles on the PlayStation Blog, I found this:

Basically, it says that Last Rebellion will be released by NIS America and will be out on Feb 23.

More info and a video can be found on the linked page, so just check it out.

And if this comes out weird, I apologize, I can't log into anything using firefox at the moment, and my cookie for Destructoid was active on Chrome, hence this post. I'd also wanted to email the folks at DTOID to see if this was new or not, but apparently, I can't access anything with an https on the hyperlink at the moment (which means twitter, YM, mail services, you name it) because our ISP is doing some kind of maintenance according to a phone call I made an hour ago.

Good night.
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