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Dragon Age DLC Detailed: Return to Ostagar.

*Adapted from my original blog post, but posting here for your information* This just in from the Dragon Age Twitter. They�ve announced the latest bit of DLC for Dragon Age: Origins, and it�s called Return to Ostagar. As the name states,...


Never Forget: Ascaron and Sacred 2

As originally posted on my personal Games and Geekery blog. :( -------- It recently came to my attention via twitter that Ascaron, the guys behind Sacred 2: Fallen Angel had filed for bankruptcy and had actually closed its doors a few d...


The Unbearable Longing for Gaming

I decided to write this simply because I'm very frustrated right now and I needed to vent out my frustration a little bit. Have you ever gotten this urge to play a game so badly that there was this utter longing for that specific game. ...


The Adventures of LolaTechie (Semi-VGR)

This isn't going to be a very long blog, mostly because I want to impress upon you folks the value of a really good idea executed with the utmost care. The video above is a subtitled version of the second of a series of commercials star...


Feel the Hatred: Disorientation in Gaming

There are many strange gameplay mechanics I can understand and accept when it comes to a videogame, but the one thing I absolutely hate in any videogame is a gameplay mechanic I'm calling disorientation. What is disorientation in this se...


After a Hiatus... a quick Diablo 3 post.

I want the Blizzard Announcement to be Diablo 3 so bad... I latched onto this news article when i first saw it. Battle.net Forum Section confirms Diablo 3 is coming Edited to add the following below. Valenzetti Number Conspiracy and th...


The two most painful words in gaming

Let's face it. The agony of a groin hernia, while extremely uncomfortable, is quite a trivial matter compared to the potential for missing data. Missing Data just happens to be my pick for gaming's two most painful words, simply because I k...


So I caved in and bought a PSP today...

Despite my usual spendthrift self, I went out and bought a PSP, simply because of the two words I mentioned the day before. Crisis Core. Yup... the two biggest words in PSP land at present. That being said, I now have some solid RPGs I ca...


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