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Terrible Tactics: Incest Glaive

Welcome degenerates and fuck-fighters! My name is ViceProphet, also known as CthulhuGotHisGun on PSN and I’m here to give you my expert advice on Monster Hunter World, so pay attention. Now, I have roughly 120 hours on MHW and ha...


Terrible Tactics: Fortnite

  Alright listen up. I’m ViceProphet, also known as CthulhuGotHisGun on PSN. I’m a bit of a Fortnite expert since I downloaded it three days ago. Over my long tenure as a professional expert, I’ve picked up a fe...


Patches: A Dev’s Xanax Habit

Patches: A Dev’s Xanax HabitBy Chandler Preston Rice “I slipped myself some pink Xannies, and danced around the house in all-over print panties.” - Tyler, the Creator. Earlier in the week I covered how Brand Recogniti...


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