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Artacular Tuesday with Vice


Hey, you guys like art, right? Maybe. I know a few of you do, so I thought Iíd get this out of the way and post two of my most Ďrecentí game themed splurges. I donít do fanart too often, but when the mood strikes, Iíll definitely look into it for a distraction. I'm bored in my chair doing college work, in between yearning for Street Figher 4 to arrive tomorrow...
Ahem, now then ladies and Dtoiders, let us browse through this gallery of filthÖ

Starting with the eldest, as of November of the prior year, Two Thousand & EightÖ

Cave Story
One of this Gentís favorite interactive titles. I really cannot sit my seat idley in anticipation for the WiiWare Adaptation.

And now, a more recent Ďproductioní of vile and grotesque originsÖ

Castlevania X aka Rondo of Blood
Iím, personally, a SOTN guy, but from what Iíve played, I do enjoy this entry in the series (as most the other ones as well) thoroughly.

Now, if your eyes are still where they are well intended, hopefully in the confines of your cranium, you can peruse these examples and other misshapen Ďartí in their full glory at my DA page.
Now, it wasnít that painful, was it?

In the future, I'll probably start doing a little Art Featurette for artists I admire and think deserve attention.
All of which have some connection to Games of course ;)

Until next time!
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