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Absence Breaker - Some Art

So much for me trying to stay active.
I guess I'll just dedicate myself to commentary, and somewhat-avoid the Blogging scene.
(always feels like I'm tooting my own horn, yeah?)

Here's some stuff I've done since I last posted.
(yes, I'm tooting my horn in these next few passages of text, hurhurhur)

Some fanart for Maximo V. Lorenzo.

He's a pretty well known guy, I mean, to those in the know and all that.
Nice chap to boot.
And his art's not half bad*.
*It's actually excellent, you should watch Maximo when you get a chance.

The second bit, which I'm not entirely fond of, is some quick fanart of Momohime/Jinkuro of Oboro Muramasa Youtoden fame.

It was part of a art trade.
I've of yet to receive the other end from Matt.
He's that guy who colored up that giant Smash Bros. collage that everyone digs.
(for good reason at that)

Finally, inbetween J.G. Thirwell's VB Score and a myriad of game music, I keep looping this:

Gahhhhhhhhh Sweets Detective!
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