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Sexism: The Solution

Since I am new to Destructoid I will give a brief introduction of myself to make it easier to identify with me and the Blog's goal. 24 year old female and been gaming since I have been 4 so been gaming for 20 years my first experience of ga...


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A recent issue has brought me to join up on here been lurking for far too long too. Destructoid is a passionate site full of incredible people full of passion and intellect. The members and founders like Niero and Jim are people I respect and enjoy reading their articles. It is site with a sense of freedom not bound by loyalty to developers and publishers who fund them and are happy to speak their mind despite the feedback it may give them.

I myself however am not that interesting an individual just a passionate person seeking to ensure others enjoy my hobby as much as I do. Not really used to blogging or having perfect grammar so despite my flaws I hope I can get along with everyone and hopefully add something new to a discussion.

As for games I mainly play RPGs of any kind including SRPGs and I play a couple of adventure games and beat em ups but don't like sports games or racing games or games with only puzzles.