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Happy birthday Heston. I know how much you like smelling stuff, so I hope it’s a pungent day for you!


One of my favorite local musicians passed away. F for Mike, always nice and it’ll be really sad not running into you at shows anymore. Here’s his band.


UPDATE: Orktober is over! It’s crusading time!


Current status: shovel time


Current status: demonic tooting


Just enjoying some butt music before bed.


Current status: Roll credits




My family thinks they’re very funny...


The Barbie I got for my daughter’s birthday just showed up. She’s a modern woman just trying to make her way like Melanie Griffith in Working Girl with Faith, Fire, and Fury.


current slambo: SLAMBO


Obligatory Mother’s Day post, courtesy of Mr. T.


🎵Here I go again on my own, posting a Tawny Kitaen gif in the comments.🎵 F


So Greenmangaming messed up with my Resident Evil steam key and Im going to have wait potentially into next week to play it. Please think of me while you play tonight.


It’s May 4th, which means it’s that time of year when I post this video again.


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