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So I’m sure I’m the last person to know about this, but I feel important to tell everyone that I love it.


Whether you celebrate it or think it’s a manufactured holiday, happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!


So I beat Elderborn. I’m now in the market for a good UV velvet barbarian painting.


Happy birthday @xeo! Hope you don’t spend all day grooming your elegant and electric chest hair, have some fun!


Happy b-day @shoggoth2588 ! Hope you have a good one! Stay warm in your mountain of madness and enjoy this shoggoth cake. Caveat: it’s not made of protoplasmic bubbles, nor does it have temporary eyes or glowing pustules.


Damn, lost another great musician. RIP Reed Mullin.


Haven’t seen Robo Panda Z in awhile, but just in case, happy birthday! Thanks for all that you’ve done with the community here!


Happy birthday Wes! Thanks for making it weird here and keeping it weird here for so long.


Half Shiba, half Witcher Letho of Gulet: Shibboletho is a Maverick. So we should wish him happy birthday! Hopefully it’s spent like a real Maverick: fighting Mega Man, erotic volleyball games, F-14s, and talking about pork barrel spending.


Happy birthday to our large and in charge resident nudist, Nakedbigboss!


Today is a special day! Yes, it is the birthday of our favorite sentient dtoid sculpture, Able to Think! Here is the a gif of the great Auguste Rodin celebrating your birthday!


Meant to post this at midnight, but happy birthday to our favorite Canadian giant! Legends say he was raised on a diet of GFuel, poutine, and a 3 dozen eggs a day! Happy bday, Soulbow!


Happy birthday, RiffRaff! Hope you get out of the Crystal Maze for some libations!


There’s someone in your chimney hole, and Satan is his name! Happy holidays!


Tonight, on Secret Santa: DOOOOOOOOOOM! Thank you so much, this is awesome and I can’t wait to hang this masterpiece!


Happy birthday, Lex! I was going to post a gif from the sci-fi series Lexx for you, but I couldn’t decide on which phallic spaceship gif to use. Anyways... you get the other Lex, and not Luger. Have fun!


Happy birthday, Agent9! Hope you have a great day, you crazy space monkey!


Let us all give praise and birthday adulations unto MeanderBot, one of many awesome artists here!


Happy holiday, everyone! Also, since I have your attention: I just saw the Humble Choice unlock leak and it looks AWESOME.


Happy birthday, Chris! Pic semi-related.


Happy birthday, Mike! Finding a Non-NSFW gif was too hard!


Wife and I took a paint class on Beholders today. Not much instruction, but still a lot of fun :D


Happy b-day to the Dtoider with the best smile, Nathan D! And also to the most curious Dtoider, Inquisitive Ravenclaw! Hopefully, age will not make you so jaded that you become Inquisitor Ravenclaw.


Happy Friday the 13th everyone!


:( Sorry to bring everyone down. Just wanted to share this picture of the majestic Sarah. I’ll miss you.


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