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Purple Is The Color Of Venice And Some (Random) Gaming Chairs


This is gonna be a little rant about how I cannot find a cool territory while playing Venice in Civ5. I do promise I will insert a bunch of grammatically incorrect spellings and a random purple gaming chairs shout out because this is a rant that is being spewn out like diarrea. (Is spewn even a word? Alright!)

What I As Venice Really Need?

When playing Venice in Civ5 I don't have many requirements. What I need is a city state within a naval trade route distance and maybe a city by other civ that I can trade-route to and make some extra Science points.

Being violet and sitting in my beautiful ergonomic violet chair for the duration of every game I feel pretty comfy. Comfy because I love playing Civ5 and Venice is my all time best civ.

I love Venice, everything about it. The trade routes, Merchant of Venice, the purple color, everything. 

Why I Am Getting Frustrated?

So chilling on Sunday playing some violet Venice is a perfect end of the weekend for me. I have my coffee ready, already ate breakfast, let's start gaming!

But I'm unable to start because everytime I love my beloved Venice (and I do load quite a few times), I always get this boring territory. No city state in vicinity on the coast; only inland. Why does this repeatedly happen, I don't know.

I mean, I will mention a purple gaming chair again, and I think I'm under curse. I've loaded the damn thing at least 50 times and I get just freakin' dessert and plain tiles.

I mean, why? Is there some connection between bad luck and Venice? At this point I think I will load some more and keep getting frustrated for a perfect Sunday gaming session.

- "41st Doge of Venice, Yo"

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