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DTOID Minecraft

Well all my blogs are gone and all my friends I added since setting up my Minecraft server have been stripped from me! So here is another blog for us to gather around hopefully. The server is still running with a whitelist so if you'd lik...


Dtoid Minecraft

So, our little Minecraft server has been coming along nicely. Eventually I kind of want to start doing updates based on our great accomplishments in our server. However, today we suffered a setback. We were raided by some punks from /b/ a...


Minecraft Server

So I was going to post this on the forums, but they're a little borked currently so I guess I will make my first legitimate step onto the world of the CBlogs. Fellow Dtoiders, I don't know if there is a Dtoid Minecraft server or...


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I like fast paced games usually but I also enjoy other games.

I work in the games industry as a programmer.

Some favorites

Geometry Wars
Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Call of Duty 4
Indigo Prophecy
Dolphin Olympics 2

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