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So no LAN for Starcraft 2 then?

I was rather disappointed when I heard the news earlier today that Blizzard won’t be supporting Starcraft 2 for LAN (local area network). If you told me this a year ago I would tell that you were mean and a bad person. Hell, “disappointed”…...


Issues that divide us: Left4Dead 2

Clearly one of the most interesting things that come out from E3 has been the Left4Dead 2 “controversy”. I posted it in the past: I wanted Valve to talk at E3 about Half Life Episode 3 and what they are doing next; in the same post I said t...


Pharmacology for gamers: the return.

A year ago I started wit this series called pharmacology for gamers. Now I think I know more of the subject since I have studied medicine for about 5 years now, so I can probably go ahead with some new editions, this one is about benzodiaze...


Starcraft 2 beta?

So it seems. And since I got some valid keys of Blizzard games I went east, allways to the east until I got into the new Battle.net and signed in. The site seems to be running a bit slow, I added some Blizzard games I have using the cd key....


Zeno Clash

Hey, its been a while, I was at hospital today here in Uruguay wandering that if we are all going to die soon from a flu from a fu**** pig then at least I should be gaming something best fitted for the issue. What is better than fighting st...


Connected... but even then alone.

Ok, now, to understand this you have to have some basics: a) I live in south america. Meaning: bandwith, lag issues. Currency issues. Piracy. b) Iam a PC gammer who uses STEAM for online gaming. c) This is the third world... I want to live...


Where is Freedom Fighters 2?

Do you remember Freedom Fighters back a few years ago? Those worked. Enemy AI was stupid and there was not a "pin-down" element. You probably do since it was a decente third person shooter. Some may argue the story was not that good, bu...


About Veltone of us since 11:54 PM on 05.31.2007

Iam a gammer from the harsh uruguayan jungle (we dont even have a jungle down here, too cold, go and do some wikipedia of Uruguay). I used to do a podcast in spanish about videogames at Radio LevelUp but I dont do it anymore... anyway those guys are there still making it so you can give it a try if you understand spanish
And i can say "�aca �aca �aca" and i know how to pronoaunce it well since im a spanish speaker, so Im a superior race.
A couple of idiots may find funny that I dont have good english grammar, but again, they are probably idiots since they only speak/write one language...

Most of my time in the internet is because of games. I love videogames so much that i sleep with my girlfriend and my ds, at the same time... i call that a "threesome" and my humor doesnt get anything better than that.
Mostly im a PC gamer, i was going to buy a 360 but faulty crappy hardware told me not to since if it goes RRoD here I would have lost my money, and as a man Im entitled to the sweat of my brow. I want to fuck the Wii and I believe the PS3 is going to be the first console in space.

In the "real" life (come on, internet now is part of our lives anyway...), I study medicine (takes a lot of time and I cant spend enough of my time playing videogames). Is not what you would call a marriage made in heaven, if I wanted to game more I should have sutdy something related to pc�s, but I grown surrounded by computers and stuff so I chose the bio stuff instead. Anyway, little time to play video games if you dont want my biographical shit.

And the main reasson I play games for the story behind them. I love well written stories like Half Life series, of course Portal (kind of a Valve fan). Other great games include World Of Warcraft (not currently playing, actually I was never hardcore, but I enjoyed the experience a lot), and of course the classics like System Shock 2. Other great titles had stuck with me over the years, classics adventure games like Monkey Island, Indiana Jones and Grim Fandango.

So, best game experiences:
Half Life 2 (and the original Half Life of course).
System Shock 2
Grim Fandango
Indiana Jones and the Fate Of Atlantis
Monkey Island

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