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Replaying: Crysis... and the economy is strange

I really hate the economic crisis in the american economy right now, I dont even live in USA, but I feel that things are going down. So Im back playing a game called Crysis and I can shoot the problems away...

You can get Crysis and the Warhead expansion at STEAM for something like 60 dollars. But I havent finished playing the first game, so I wont buy the expansion yet. This is one of the things that strike me the other night, I was thinking in finishing a lame game (Crysis is sort of lame for all its coolness it only last a couple of hours), before buying Warhead which seems to be a little bit better than Crysis, at least on reviews.
The first Crysis was a nice game to look at, but somehow I didnt felt it was all that great in terms of gameplay. I never felt involved in the story, I never cared for the character or the things that were going on. The mountain that is breaking and the alien stuff was looking interesting at first, but it started to get not soo interesting fast.
It seems that Crysis have everything to be great, but it felts short of everything it does except for the graphics. For example the suit idea is cool, but you hardly use any of the functions of it, most of them constricted because of the "energy" factor of the suit. Lets say you want to be invisible and play it cool, like infiltrate silently and take the data information you are supossed to. The invisible nanosuit will only let you be invisible if you stand still, if you move energy will be drained and you will loose the invisibility. Also you wont be able to shoot a lot if you are invisible, the nanosuit wont recharge while beign invisible. So finally it may seem that due to the open nature of the world you can approach the situation from every angle, but it will end up you shooting a bunch of dudes on your own in every single enemy camp.

So saving a buck because the economy is in "crysis" (haha... I suck). So I went back, Im hating the space part, cool, but not so cool (like the whole game "not so cool"). It got me thinking how my gaming habits have changed, more time watching the news and less time gaming, more time writing blogs about how long iam spending watching news than gaming... and yeah, less time for gaming. And finally replaying old games before moving on. This is really going to set a bar for me and my future gaming purchases.

Now a happy paralel between Microsoft and the US congres:
Last year Microsoft burned a billion dollars on a broken console. 1 billion dollars is a lot of money, even for a console.... anyway, it didnt fixed the console, it is still a piece of shit.
This year the fed is asking 700 billions to the congres so they can "fix" the economy.
Im starting to believe the US goverment and Microsoft are the same thing, they both like to spend money and they dont fix shit.
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