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How to make a platform die...

Read first: I live in an "special" part of the world. The word "special" is like when you apply it to a retard. I dont have anything against the 360, but I play games on my PC. I wanted a 360, the shitty hardware stopped me from doing such an stupid thing since there is no warranty over here. So I stick with my PC.

Usually to make someone die is not that simply, you know, with a pistol it may be, but you dont want to be that obvious so you poison him to death... which can be slow. That´s what I think is happening with the PC gaming industry.

First make an excuse, lets say.... PIRACY!
"Yes, PC gamers pirate games more easy than console gamers."
Im sorry, but this is just plain stupid. I live in south america, probably the second most fucked up part of the world to be a gamer, there is no such thing as game stores over here in Uruguay... well, yes, they sell old games like Starcraft and consoles (a PS3 for 1200 USD).
I wont say I buy all my games online, but I buy a lot of games online by digital distribution since I believe that if I get the factor Iam looking on a game then it is fair to pay for it. Call me a believer. And if I dont buy the game, then I just try it like a demo for a couple of hours and then erase it since it sucks... it happends. But I live in south america and still I buy software, so I dont see why people in the north wont be doing the same thing.

Add the "COST" factor.
Ok, gaming is a luxury... yeah, I get it, it cost money, so a console is supossed to make you dump 400 dollars between one thing and the other all at once and then call it a day for 4 to 5 years. I have heard people say that to have a gaming pc you need 3000 dollars per year... yeah, Im pretty sure that is the fuel consumption of a Ferrari for a year too. Some less stupid say 400 dollars a year.... No, you can buy a 200 USD video card and it will let you play fine for a year and a half to two years without issues. If you want better graphics pay the price for it, pc allready has better graphics than a console, but who cares? Play Crysis in 3000x1800 at 40FPS with everything in extra high if you have the money to do it.
Of course, some people owns the same computer for a decade and still uses wordperfect wont be able to play games. I know people like that, the have a PC ten years old and still uses it, some they may be able to open two tabs at once in firefox! Of course, they dont know how to install the OS in it and they pay someone to fix it...

Now lets give the solution: A CONSOLE!
People who own a 360´s over here got them all cracked up to their asses... I havent seen a single one without a "modification" (cracked), oh, and they all play on LIVE! So its great but then the console goes RRoD and the pretty neat ecuation of cost of a pc vs. a console goes to hell since here there is no such thing as warranty... and no such thing as warranty on a modified product anyway. Another 400 USD if you travel to Miami to buy it, if you buy it here is going to be a pretty stept price (600 to 700 USD). Add that to the previous 400 USD you spended for a year and a half of gaming... you dont need to be a math genious.
Is great, you have to see it to believe it. We have fan boys here of course and our own forums with angry little people screaming at each other.... the same but in a different language. They keep saying stupid stuff like "hey, how much money have you wasted on that pc gaming rig this year so far?" The Answer is "nothing but still playing pretty neat". All in for the 360, how intelligent they are for not investing money in a PC.
Of course, the 360 has its issues, lets make the fail 360 ecuation even worse, lets add the "cracked" factor to an allready flawed console and we have yet more failing 360´s (easy, modify allready flawed 360 hardware). Great deal so far if you keep up with the maths.

Of course, maybe you just have luck and the 360 does not die on you.... not very probably since here the consoles are going to be old anyway. But I would not sleep so well at nights thinking my gaming investment is probably going to go to the trash can (remember, here if it fails they go into the trash can).

So you see, is not that black and white over here. I dont know how is it there in the north. Maybe you just have 2 360´s, one to replace the month of gaming you loose when the 360 goes to warranty, maybe you suck it up like a man....
But dont give me the money argument or the piracy one... I want new ones:
Is safer to invest in developing for a console from a publisher perspective.
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