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I Tried: Smash Up

Smash Up is a board game from AEG. The game lets you pick 2 from a huge selection of factions and use them to fight up to 3 other players to prove who can smash the most. Even with the amount of expansions the game has, it has always ...


I Tried - We Happy Few

It is finally here! I have been anxiously waiting for this game since I saw its kickstarter page last year and I am just so happy that it is here. We Happy Few can now be played by everyone albeit in an unfinished state as it is curre...


So My Computer Just Died...

I have been postponing the act of upgrading my computer for some time now, for years even. But It seems that I need to upgrade it soon since it is now kaput. I have been playing on a system that is at least 5 years old. Some ...


About Veitsknightone of us since 11:35 AM on 09.02.2011


I am Veitsknight. I have been on Destructoid since 2011 but always just as an observer. I never did comment on posts or anything. No posts of my own or even blogs but I think it is just about the perfect time to try my hand on writing about something I love very much.

So a little bit about me. I come from a modest family. We never could afford the newest systems. The first PC i got was building one off spare parts my dad no longer needed for his work. I also missed the entire 6th Generation of consoles. My original experience with FFX and Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 were formed by going to the neighbor's house and watching them play.

The modest part of my life extends to current day. I am gaming on a budget. I usually just buy about $60 game and maybe one or more indies on the side.

As for the games I play, I tend to play everything except sports games. Puzzle games don't work well for me as well. I am not saying that those games are not any good. I am just saying that they are not my type.

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