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Top 10 "best" boxart from this generation


Before everyone was praising Bioshock Infinite for the amazing game it is there was some controversy over the Boxart. It's not awful...I don't think a lot of boxart these days can be called objectively awful (this, however is http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/dd/Mega_Man_1_box_artwork.jpg)

the main reason was that it was embodied every cliché of modern boxart that we've come to hate, a stern faced solder or man with a gun lumbers his way towards the camera, sometimes looking at it.. sometime looking away, this was likely the doing of everyone's favourite Trend setter game Call of Duty.

The thing with the Bioshock Infinite cover is not just the fact that's its cliché, but that fact that it DOES NOT fit the game at all...it's so utterly ridiculous that I thought it was a parody when I first saw it, hell in another universe it probably is a parody (just look at those sparks for crying out loud and they even apear to be implementing the infamous Teal and Orange color scheme). To put it another way put him in a Mario outfit and pretend Nintendo put this out as the cover for the next Mario game....and expected you to take it seriously, that's how it seemed to me anyway.

But I'm not here to talk about bad boxart of this generation (though I will just say mass effect 3 and Batman GOTY edition...ok done) I was to talk about the "good" box art, and I say "good" because boxart is rarely the kind of thing you might want on your wall...but I think there are some good box art (arts?) of this generation that at least did their job.... adequately (and as a general rule I'm only going to do the "standard" versions)

10. Infamous 2

see this is all about what cole is NOT doing...he is NOT walking towards the camera, he NOT hanging his head low in a kind of "grrrr ima gonna get you!" way. He's just trying to figure out which color he likes better, its simple but it doesn't misrepresent the game which is about: very obvious and clear cut moral choices. I also like what they have done with the red and blue...one have is red, the other is blue... genius!

9.Assasins creed

Do you remember when the Assasins creed games were about being an Assasin? rather than a one man army...stealth, "hide in plain sight" taking out your target with precision and slow careful consideration? well I do.To be fair Assasins creed 1 was released at a time where the trends werent fully set, but still.

its not that I don't like Connor about to perform Facial surgery with a tomahawk or Ezio just being the impossibly cool dude he is. Its just this one really captures what assasins creed was all about...the shiney white and blue aesthetic, blending into the crowd...his hidden blade at the ready, about to deal some justice to someone and slip away...he's not trying to hard like Ezio...this guy IS the master assassin.

8.Far Cry 3

for reasons beyond me they decided to change the American boxart to thishttp://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/91XFcq1phCL._AA1500_.jpg I don;t know what the fuck is off about his face but it kind of scares me....anyway the version I got (well actually it was reversed but close enough) is what I'm going with here

Vaas doesn't need to walk towards the camera looking determined to show he is a badass. Vass clearly does not give a fuck, he looks just as menacing sitting on the beach as he probably does doing anything else.Also at a glance you might miss the poor guy he has buried up to his face...oh and those people hanging in the background.The contrast between the bright tropical island and Vaas doing what he loves to do when he goes to the beach (torture and murder!) sets the scene for what we can expect in the game, and shows us who the real star of Far cry 3 is.

7.Aliens Colonial Marines

yes the game was crap, and yes crop out the guy in the middle and youve got the next call of duty cover: Teal edition...yes there is alot of Teal here but seriously it just looks really nice, the Alien head and the solders...its an aliens game with solders in it...and is that a women? I think theres a women on the box!

6. Dead space

this is another one from a time where you could put out a horror game (well pretend it was horror) without the addition of online features and "more shooting".As much as I like Dead space 2's cover and even though its not the prettyest of the three, its the most original. A severed hand floating in space is certainly eye catching (even if it did take me a while to realise the hand was severed and not sticking out of a spaceship) in case your wondering, yes Dead Space 3's boxart is a bit.....plain

5. Borderlands 2

I find it interesting they decided to feature a psycho on the front of the borderlands games.Mabye the character designs for our main characters were a bit to stylisted to pull of the "walk towards the camera" thing. Ether way both this and the first borderlands cover is eye catching, and perhaps a hint at the kind of insanity (colorful insanity!) we can expect to see in the game, because many a psychos head will be shot...no doubt.

4. Bioshock

whoa...what is this? what is that thing? what is Bioshock!? I must find out!

3.Dragon age origins

very similar to the Aliens colonial Marines box..Its just aesthetically pleasing to me..the red and the white, a whole blood motif going on...plus theres a dragon (and the game is better)

2.XCOM enemy unknown

now this I would almost put on my wall,I'm not really sure what to say...I like that it shows a full squad, I like the shadow thing going on and I think I can see two..yes TWO! women on the cover

1. Sleeping dogs

Given what kind of game Sleeping dogs is, it would have been so easy to throw together some cliche cover...or something dull. But look at that! unlike many of the other entries here its actually unique! I'm guessing its inspired by some kind of traditional artstyle, but it definetly shows that the game is not set in American but Hong Kong, there's a real kung fu movie vibe going on and I'm diffidently sold!
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