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Thankyou internet...sexism in gaming is over [part 2!]

if you had no Idea what the hell I was talking about in Part 1 then this is Part 2...the non sarcastic version

Point 1. men in game are treated just as unfairly as women
not really...

Objectification is what happens when we see women in outfits that are not only "sexy" "skimpy" and revealing, but when they defy all logic and common sense that it makes you want to punch something.

What it's pretty much saying is her body is her defining feature...she is reduced to an object for your viewing pleasure.Oh sure they may be great characters in spite of that, but its still there....she's not allowed to wear normal shoes they have to be heels, she can;t cover herself properly she has to show as much skin as possible

Now if you think about characters like the guys from Gears of war or Kratos...even though they are hyper masculine kill machines they are not objects...their pose in promotional material is not to invite you to stare in lust at their rippling muscles but instead see them for their power and capability, same goes for less over the top characters like Nathan Drake, its all about what a cool dude he is, not any appeal he might have to the ladies.

And thats the thing, men in games and such are judged on their ability to get shit done...women are judged on their looks first and foremost (as is sadly the case in real life)

"But ALL characters in games and other stuff are attractive!, whats wrong with that?"

nothing, but there is a different between being attractive and being attractive to the point of absurdity

for example lets look at two Anime statues (I know its silly to pick on Anime...different culture and all but just for the sake of an example)

Here we have a cowgirl, aside from the fact she doesn't apear to be wearing any underware she also isn't wearing a bra, her breast are practically hanging out....so riding horses is out of the question. Aside from the cloths her pose looks a bit uncomfortable, she appears to be quickly whipping around to shoot at someone while on one leg...I'm not 100% sure of the practicality of this pose....but I have a sneaking suspicion its supposed to showcase her asscrack and not her marksmanship

now lets look at another statue...its one of Jaina Solo from the star wars expanded universe (which I own myself despite being neither an Anime or starwars fan)

while she has been stripped down to her tank top to show off her womanly figure... there's nothing about her clothing or pose that say "look at my tits!/ass" she really does look like she just came back from a flight...she's still attractive, but doesn't look like something you should hide from your parents.

Yes both men and women are shown to be attractive in media, its why Lara croft never bothers to pick up a Jacket in Tomb Raider, its why Maya from Borderlands has a boob window, or why Ashley from mass effect 3 thinks its a good idea to fight without tying up her hair, but with anything its about is balance...I can accept many things to a certain extent but its only when a characters appearance or presentation (back the poses) "goes full retard" that I shake my head in dismay

and High Heels....seriously fuck High Heels

Point 2. majority of us are nerds! don't take away our fap material!
this might contradict what I said before but things like that cowgirl statue above..lolipop chainsaw and DOA have a right to exist...they have their audience and they can have it....I may not personally like those things but whatever, they are actually fairly niche anyway

but I don't see whats so awful about a push for better female representation or at least making people aware of the whole objectification thing, I'm all for people making the kind of games/other stuff they want to make, in fact I'd say that's the most important thing.. and no one is going to ban the makers of DOA or whatever from making those games

and besides..we have the internet...if your only source of gratification is from games/entertainment then your doing it wrong

Point 3. Go find something else to play!
[rant/]I once came across some asshat on the internet (as we all do) who in a very smug/condescending/feigned concerned way suggested that one poster who was showing dissapointment at lack of females in games that the issue was with her and why would we play games if we hated them so much? he also loved to throw round the "artistic integrity" argument[rant]

I have no problem with majority of games....well aside from the fact they suffer from many issues (boring homogenization/bad writing) these issues are bigger than the gender one....but my point is we wouldn't be complaiming if we weren't seriously starved for female protagonists...just saying

Point 4. Go find something else to complain about
one thing I want to stress is that entertainment is not harmless, the fact is it effects and influences us more than we would like to think. In the grand scheme of things complaining about it as I am now may not amount to anything, but having less stereotypical bullshit in out entertainment I think IS an important thing

Part 5. be the change you want to see in the world!
this one isn't so bad...its positive in its own right

but more often then not its just used as a "shut up and go away" I may achieve more buy making a game then I do complaining about it on the internet,but even if I did make a game it would be like a drop in the ocean in terms of influence... that's not to say it would be worthless...but the thing is if someone complains about lack of good PC RTS games or Tactical shooters that person isn't met with many reply s of "go make your own game" are they?
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