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Thankyou, Internet...sexism in gaming is over

As much as I like Video games (and I like them alot) I sometimes felt there was a bit of an.... in-balance when it came to women, and that the attitudes of those who played games was....less than progressive. It was an issue that sometimes did leave me feeling a little sad and wanting more as I played whatever game I was into at the time.

But not anymore

see after reading up on some incredibly well thought out and enlightened opinions from across the inter-webs, I have come to realization the problem is ME, not games, not gamers, but me.

Because there is no problem, there is no imbalance in genders, I'm making it all up in my head..WE are making it all up in our heads, and this is why.

Point 1. men in game are treated just as unfairly as women

you might be familiar with Gears of war, the Alien killing shooter where we play as roided up hunks of nothing but testosterone, muscle and rage. That right there, an over the top version of masculinity in clearly demeaning to men, its a travesty! or Kratos or Comander shepard or any other very masculine Game character.....see? we are all completely equal in the ridiculous portrayal of our genders.Any complaint you ladies might have is completely negated by this fact

Point 2. majority of us are nerds! don't take away our fap material!
because that would be really mean :(

Point 3. Go find something else to play!
if you don't like majority of games or if you feel there aren't enough female characters/protagonists then go play games that DO cater to your tastes..HOLY SHIT! I just solved all your imaginary made up problems! so go! go play all those games!

Point 4. Go find something else to complain about
The fashion industry! the film industry! the music industry! they are bigger problems...go complain about them...or something...I don't know..I just want to fap to the big breasted witch lady in peace...stop making me think about things it hurts my brain

Part 5. be the change you want to see in the world!
fine! you don;t like the industry? well go into games make your own! get your degree in games design..struggle for that job....get that job in the on that watered down homogenized AAA game.....get fired afterwards...go into making indie games....after all that hard work blood sweat and tears make that game and send it out into the world, congratulations! you just single handedly ended society's gender imbalance in can thank me later

and then maybe we can talk about something important, like that new XCOM shooter that's just going to come along and fuck everything up, seriously there aren't enough strategy games in the the mainstream space..and that totally sucks amiright guys? isn't it the fucking worst? whats that you say? go make games if it bothers me that much? what the hell kind of answer is that!?

don;t be silly! its totally different when I complain about things like is seriously

so yeah, in conclusion there are in fact NO issues whats so ever and I hope now we can all just enjoy our games in peace away from those people who like to get offended over nothing!

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