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My top 10 favorite protagonists

when I think about it top tens lists are kind of lazy...especially for something as obvious as "favorite protagonists" they are easy to write and easy to digest, and not exactly exciting unless its something a little more interesting, or your somehow interested in the tastes of the person writing thing

and I don't think anyone is dying to know what protagonists like......

but right now due to lack of available energy drink and sleep my brain isn’t functioning at 100% so I'm going to be lazy

10.Issac Clarke-DeadSpace

in the first game he's a mute with a bucket on his head

in the second game he's a guy with the bucket on his head

but I kind of like his bucket head you know? Maybe it’s only because of all the crap he goes through, but you can't help but feel sorry for the poor bucket headed engineer. I'll be honest it was kind of a nice little surprise finally seeing his face at the end of Dead Space 1 (even though its entirely possible at the start...just not obvious) it was the kind of face your dad might have

not when he's staring at you like that though........

9.Chell- Portal

"what? she doesn’t count! she’s a non-character" correct, a silent avatar for the player. We don't know her......she never says a word

but what about Gordon Freeman? people like him and he's as silent as ever. I think the difference there is Gordon has people all around him telling him he's awesome, believing in him (also the fact he wears glasses and is a physicist. in videogame land anything remotely different increases the "interesting factor by 50%)

Chell only has an AI trying to kill her while taunting her for being adopted and having no friends......except for an inanimate cube

why does everybody hate me?

but the fact is portal just wouldn't be the same if it were a robot or some gruff solder....maybe I'm being biased because she's female and I'm so often starved of non optional female protagonists....hell in any media....for some reason I just like her

and although we don't ever hear here speak or see her emotions, going by actions alone we know that’s she's smart....she doesn't take crap from GlaDOS (hence the no speaking) and we do know for sure that she's tenacious.....really really tenacious

8. Ezio- Assasins creed series

At first I wasn't too keen on Ezio...."whos this asshole? where is Altiair?" this was some kid in a white hood, not the Assassin I had become attached to in AC1, where was the castle? the order? where did it all go? (had I paid attention to the time skips and the codex it all would have made more sense)

At first he was just the kind of character I really don't like, womanizing, smart Italian renaissance Nathan Drake...but then I soon leanred the point of AC2 was him becoming an assassin, taking over the order...when he grew the beard. I got it (again actually paying attention would have made it easier)

he kind of grew on me, especially by AC: Revelations where we play as an older Ezio...
I mean I'm not sure I needed 3 games with the guy but by the end I kinda liked him. like an old familiar face

now I just hope Connor isn't a complete dick in AC:3

7.John Martson- Red Dead Redemption

Say what you want about Red Dead, it's certainly a very well written and even brutal game (emotionally brutal that is...I abused the "auto-aim" like a 5 cent whore)

John Marsten is an ex outlaw out a quest to track down his old outlaw buddies in hopes of redemption in the eyes of "the man"...for the sake of his wife and child..and the fact that "the man" is kinda making him do it

some might say the events behind the game are somewhat unbelievable (how hard is it to disappear off the grid in the early 1900's?) ..and Johns kind of an idiot blindly going along with whatever he's told

John Marsten is rough around the edges. But not unlikeable at fact he seems to have a heart under all that,,,,"bounty hunter"-ness...and he's sympathetic . Here's a man who is desperately trying to "believe" that "the system works" and it will grant him Redemption if he does thing right thing, that its possible to be a good person if you try hard enough.

Its tragic really...

6.Adam Jensen- Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Because he's cool

Also because he can talk or sneak his way out of "most" situations (with the exception of the stupid boss ones)....he doesn’t need to kill. He’s too cool for that

5.Cole Mcgrath- infamous 1 and 2

Cole. what is it I like about Cole? he wears a really cool jacket.....he's into free running and urban exploration...and he has a kind of "rough around the edges but has a heart of gold" appeal

He does get a little "smoothed out" in his Infamous 2 makeover, but thankfully it’s still the Cole we know and love

a guy who's far from perfect, who gets alot of crap dumped on him..but keeps doing the right thing because deep down he's a good person (or because you know the game is about moral choices and they have to allow for both but whatever)

4.The Boss-Saints row series

Yes, I know thats actually Shaundi but I don't have a pic on hand....and for the sake of a visual representation its close enough

How do you make an insane GTA style sandbox game even better? you replace Nico Belic with a custom Psychopath of your own!

you could argue The Boss doesn't count since he/she is customizable...however since whatever you come up with is a fully voiced character and theres no real "role playing" involved I'd say she (in my case) definitely counts

morally questionable and an appetite for destruction "The Boss" is all about the pursuit of happiness....and that happiness usually means violence..power..and more violence .of coarse doing awful things in a game is usually big turn off ..but in this case its hard not to root for The Boss....and its not like your opponents are saints (harr harr)

I will admit that I havent finished saints row 3 and am a little disapointed it seems gutted for DLC...and also that its silly (yeah I just criticized saints row for being silly)... SR2 was silly but it had an interesting story and a shocking moment or two

the least you can say is that as much of a monster the Boss is she still cares about her "homies" and will crush anyone that threatens them

also for the ladies....if you want to be fat..then you can be fat, how many games do they let you be fat?

3.Altiair -Assasins Creed

Altair gets the label of "bland" now and again, but I believe it is seriously undeserved

The thing with Altair alot of other games featuring your usual everyman I think "yeah he's ok..but it would have been better if it were a women/robot/alien/anything at all"

but in Altiars case...I would not change him at all, he fits, he works, he's awesome. What some see as blandness I see as cool professionalism, even when he is being arrogant, I like him because he seems to have a brain...he questions the creed and the authority of his superiors, and he learns not to be a dick

which I can't say for other's......

I just feel a bit sad we only saw his story finish in a spin off game, text in AC2 and flashbacks in AC:Revelations


Yeah, he's looking a little out of place on this list which I was keeping mainly this gen (which was actually pretty hard)..but I feel he needs a mention

the thing is Yoshi is better than Mario...he's cooler, he's more likeable...he has better abilites..and according to the mushroom kingdom history (if there is one) there would be no Mario without yoshi If Yoshi hadn't taken it upon himself to drag little baby Mario across the land in "Yoshis Island"...while tackling bosses, koopas, shyguys, ice, snow, water, lava and all of the crazy shit that is the mushroom kingdom...... then Mario would probably be dead and Luigi one of Bowsers minions

so what happens to Yoshi?.....he gets to be Mario's bitch

yeah...Fuck Mario

and the winner is....

1.Comander Shepard- Mass Effect

Commander Shepard is almost anything I could want in a videogame protagonist he/she is customizable in gender and appearance so he/she feels kind of personal...they are "your" shepard…granted I could never get her looking decent...but I actually like the "default" they came up with for ME3 and I used that...I think it suits her perfectly (my shepard anyhow)

Shepard kind of dances between being blank slate RPG charachter and a "pre defined" charachter...I guess that is open for interpretation, Some people aren't a fan this aproach to role playing (and Mass Effects status as an RPG is shakey at best) personally though I love to see my protagonist speak, it makes her really feel like part of the world (and Mass Effect is a very awsome world)

Shepard is probably one of the best female protagonists there Samum Aran but better.....sure..she's optional, but I think she's enough of an entity herself to count. She's the hero ...she kicks ass...plain and simple.....and I've never been as attached to a player character as I was to shepard.. especially in Mass Effect 3 where alot of things go wrong.....(both in game and out)

so in conclusion

you can fight like a Krogan
run like a leopard
but you'll never be better than comander Shepard
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