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Bioshock infinite succeeded where Mass Effect 3 failed

If you haven't played Bioshock infinite then go do so, now.....done? Ok

(Bioshock infinite spoilers incoming)

so if you've played and finished bioshock infinite your probably feeling a strong sense of "what the fuck?"

but it's a GOOD "what the fuck?".unlike Mass Effect 3, that was a very BAD "what the fuck?".Why am I talking about ME3's ending now? that was over a year ago! you might ask, I'm talking about ME3's ending because bioshock infinates ending is "similar", sure they are both very different games with very different story's (bioshock being the better thought out and "deeper" of the two) but they are both "big" games that try and tackle "big" things.A comparison I feel is nessicary becauase bioshock info ate is how you do a mind fuck ending...mass effect 3 is not

that and I'm bored...

SO how does bioshock infinate end? I'm not going to go into detail or try to decipher it myself,the rest of the Internet can do that. It involves alternate realities,Elizabeth and her different versions basically drown booker (who as it turns out is an alternate version of comstock) which eliminates everything that happened through out all the realities because brooker sold his daughter (Anna alternate reality Elizabeth) to alternate reality comstock...but this is happen through out all realities and uhh

sorry but I can't explain it well.As mind screwy as it is it makes a kind of sense, the game is all about alternate realities,the infinite universe theory (holy shit! Bioshock infinate! I get it now!) the ending basically involves Elizabeth using her powers to prevent a certain outcome (comstock becoming comstock....or brooker/comstock from ever existing... wait no...hmmm) well that's beside the point we don't know exactly what has or will happen (does this mean Elizabeth now doesn't exist?) but we know that alot of bad stuff has been averted, it's not overly happy but not really sad, even though it doesn't explain much there is a sense of closure.granted it might not make sense if you think about it too much (I'm still undecided there as I haven't thought about it enough) but its s good ending that's memorable and makes you think.it seems the kind of ending mass effect 3wanted to be but wasn't

you probably already know what made the ME3 ending so bad, aside from not only falling apart upon further thought, the realisations that would come after make it even worse (so without mass relays everyone's stuck on that planet!?) that and it's not an ending, in any sense of the word

but then it is kind of unfair to compare them, in ME3's case it's generally known that what we got (the original ending) was a rush job, the ending as was originally intended was scraped for whatever reason.in bioshock infinate on the other hand didn't seem to have such an issue aside from the usual changes that happens with such projects, and was arguably In more capable hands

mind screw endings can work, they can be both memorable and make you think.you don't need to have everything neatly explained for you to have a great ending, but you DO need closure, and closure means different things for different story's. and ending where Shepard presses a button and killed the reapers resulting in a no fuss "win" would have been kind if cheap, but also much more satisfying and more In line with the series beforehand, which was always a straight forward sci fi action type game.likewise an ending for bioshock infinate where brooker and Elizabeth kill come stock without all the infinate universe stuff would have been no d but not nearly so memorable.
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