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Always online is bad.....mmmmkay?

Now that the new "Xbox One" (*sigh*....really?)  has been launched the hive mind that is the internet has given its verdict. Things aren't looking great for the Xbox......"one" (REALLY?!)

This doesn't seem to surprise many people, a name like "Xbox one" (REALLY MICROSOFT!?)  was probably the first warning sign (I mean for crying out loud out of all the things you could have named it?!) and while rumours such as "always online" and such aren't 100% confirmed its close enough that they may as well be, as I said things aren't looking good.
In my opinion I think the amount of eye rolling and face palming here is actually kind of justified, not just gamers being gamers. However regardless of this looking like Microsoft's death wish we should keep in mind  that "we" (people complaining on the internet) may not represent those who will buy it (whoever that's supposed to be) what I mean is I wouldn't be surprised if it still sold.
Anyway, that's not my main focus here, my point here is that Always online is bad (and the Xbox *stupid fucking name* one has something close to that so that's also bad and why I'm talking about it plus it's a hot topic now and you get the Idea) so this is what I'd say to people who say

Well my internet is fine! what's the issue?

First of all congratulations' you have fast and unlimited internet (or at least a very generous cap) that's great! fantastic even. Unfortunately, however YOU are not everyone, sure many people have internet but not everyone has internet that can support an "always online" environment. it's not enough just to HAVE it, as I just said it needs to either be unlimited or have a VERY generous cap. If you have a download limit less than 20GB a month then you'll probably struggle. It also has to be a decent speed of course. Upgrading is not an option for everyone depending on where you live (I once read some time ago that even certain places in the US couldn't get anything except some shitty 200mb a day service)  also if you live in a place like Australia well....yeah, we don't have the best internet around.

You might not see internet as a big deal beside the cost of entry and cost of gaming in general, but really why SHOULD the barrier be that high? why SHOULD gaming be restricted to those only with the fastest of ISP's? because gaming, while expensive is doable even if you not THAT rich. adding the road block of always online is a whole other issue. It then depends on where you live, your circumstance and an extra monthly fee. It's just more bullshit between you and your game.

But your online anyway? what's the difference?

I don't expect to be able to watch YouTube videos without being online, I don't expect to post on  message boards, read articles or stalk people on facebook while offline. Those are activities which cannot exist without the internet, they are one in the same. Gaming, however is different, unless I am playing something where online is an actual feature (multiplayer, co-op, whatever) then I do not NEED to be online, it's not a requirement for the experience. Because of that you have to ask yourself WHY....WHY are they putting always online in the game? does it actually benefit YOU the player? or is it just another way of dressing up DRM? don't call it DRM, just claim your game is an MMO...all games are MMO's now! you will play our MMO'S and you will love them!
Ask yourself did SimCity NEED to be an MMO? and I don't mean did it need its online features, those could have very easily been added as a standard OPTIONAL thing. Did SimCity being an "MMO" improve the game? did it benefit you? What about Diablo 3? because let's be honest it seems Blizzard, the kings of the MMO decided it may as well be one. Did always online and the auction house greatly improve your experience? would the game have been worse if it had let you play single player like the sad pathetic loner you (probably) are? Does anybody actually want these things, and I mean want not "put up with" there is a difference.

what about games like Journey and Dark souls?

hey what about games like journey and dark souls? they were good games and had online as a core part of the experience. Kind of like how Mass Effect was a good game and it had romance options, does every game need romance options now?

even if all of this still doesn't phase you there is still one serious issue...
it's not just about you now, it's about them as well. You can keep your end of the internet deal but what about them? things don't always work when you want them too and not being able to play because of "server" reasons could be a common issue. As if some of use don't have the time for gaming as it is this just makes things even more inconvenient.

Which brings me to my next point: Control. So in a perfect world your internet is fast and unlimited  and the servers are never down...that is until they decide to pull support, because servers are expensive. There goes your game, onto the next. Turning games from products into services is a publishers dream, the control they have over everything...that's why there's a push for games to be more online focused (not to mention all that sweet money you can make from micro transactions) you could argue this has been happening, along with steam both EA and Ubisoft wanting to have their very own "PC gaming things". I'm not the biggest fan of Valve or Steam but at least Steam (and its counterparts since Ubisoft dropped that crap) allows you to play offline should you need it (in fact as much as people praise steam it's the worst if you operate on an internet cap...out of nowhere it can spring an update on you and you are unable to play until the game its updated) Valve have even promised they will allow games to be offline should they ever go under (not likely at this point but it's a nice sentiment none the less) the thing is not all companies are Valve...some are EA. If your perfectly fine with EA controlling your experience then....well ok, just something to think about anyway.

Personally even if these issues don't affect me it still sucks on principle, Internet is not electricity, arbitrary bullshit force fed to us by companies does not have to be the "future" of gaming, The future of gaming should enhance and take games to the next level. Not hold it back and punish US the Gamers for having the nerve to want to play games. There is a reason people were so pissed off with that guy that worked for Microsoft, that smarmy arrogant "I don't get why you aren't as privileged as me stop complaining" attitude  is enough to make you rage even if your internet IS perfectly fine.
Well screw that I will play games when I damn well want and not when you tell me I can, and I don't think that's unreasonable.
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