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Danganronpa | Critical Hit Records #2

Hey! And welcome to sort-of episode 2 of my rarely-updated series, Critical Hit Records. In it, I talk about a game that had an effective soundtrack, and discuss why their tunes worked so well. More will be coming, sometime.  Dan...


Bomberman Hero | Critical Hit Records #1

Welcome to Sounds Like Games, a tentatively-titled fairly-regular column in which I talk about video game music, and why it works so well when implemented correctly.  Sometimes, I can’t tell the difference between a ga...


Soundtrack Showcasing: PixelJunk Eden

Throughout this piece I'll be sprinkling highlights of the soundtrack. Now, a lot of the songs take a long time to build. So, if you don't have the patience, please skip around to get a feel for the songs, at the very least! Like a lot...


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