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Guys, I'm going to be honest. I voted for Trump.


Had a dream last night where I described a sausage as a "meat sleeve," and it was the funniest shit ever. Had people laughing so hard that they were uncontrollably drooling all over themselves. I never wanted to wake up.


Girlfriend's making an apple spice cake to celebrate, and I made a caramel to go over it the night before. First time I got it so thick and creamy ;)




Starting my personal four-day Holloweekend! Really slept on Candyman for too long. The movie is downright fantastic. Going to lighten things up with Black Sheep next.


Last up is Mirror Mirror. 12 Hours of Terror I'd definitely less fun without the theater. I'm pretty sure I've seen this one before but can't remember it. That doesn't bode well.


A movie called Scary Movie (not that one) was on, but I'd seem it before and didn't care too much for it. Next up is Deadline!


Next is The Strange Vice of Mrs. Watch. I'm not usually big on giallos, so we'll see how it goes.


Next up Dr. Black & Mr. Hyde! One of few blaxploitation horrors I haven't seen.


Next up is DEAD KIDS!!! Sounds like my kind of movie.


First up is MAUSOLEUM!! Never heard of it.


The Belcourt is still doing it's annual 12 HOURS OF TERROR this time streaming from the more sane 2 PM - 2 AM, so this year I get to chill in my pajama pants and support a local nonprofit theater!


BOOM. Illusion of democracy achieved.


This is the shit I have to wait through just to throw my vote away and on a democrat in Tennessee. What a day.


Heads up, everyone. Here's a life hack I learned about last night. Apparently, if you want to easily slice off half of your fingernail and bleed profusely for a bit, a potato peeler will work womders! Cuts through that shit smooth as butter!


Haven't watched a movie in months, but rolled the dice on 12 Hour Shift. It rocks! Very wild and bloody dark comedy with a weirdly operatic metal soundtrack that doesn't super fit but still kicks ass. It has Mick Foley in it too. Check it out, nerds!


About five months ago, I got some new book cases to open up the living room some more. I finally got around to organizing the books. #shelfietoid


My cat, the master of stealth.


Who the hell lays like this?


First time making zucchini casserole, and I can't wait to eat the fucking shit out of it!!


Oh my fucking god!


How many signs of the apocalypse do we need packed into a single year?


Some topical humor we can all enjoy.


My first attempt messing around with digital drawing.


Girlfriend's dad's birthday today. I made some peanut butter and chocolate ice cream chunked to death with fat-ass brownie boulders. All made from scratch.


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