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ZombieFest 2013 - A day to kill zombies, for charity (EFF)

Hey guys, Kevin here.

I am going to be running an online event on October 26th called Zombiefest.  This is a concept and brainchild of mine.  It is a wild mix of a gaming marathon and a community event (but held online).

ZombieFest was started by me 2 or 3 years ago as an excuse to spend an entire day "vegging" out to zombie games to celebrate Halloween.  So, for the last 2 years, it has been just me in my apartment, and maybe I invite a few friends over, to play zombie games all day (maybe watch some zombie movies as well since we do have to stop every now and again to get some grub).

Well, last year I became associated with Video Game Rescue.  I still planned on doing ZombieFest, but wanted to invite everybody to do it.  That is where this concept comes from.  I have this idea of taking what I have been doing for the past 2 years in my apartment and spreading it online for everybody.  Why should I be the only one playing zombie games and watching zombie movies all day?  We could all do it together.  So why shouldn't we?  This is the core idea of ZombieFest.

To make this event even more fun, I have incorporated taking donations for a charity, EFF.  They are doing a ton of work to help us with internet freedom and their current, big fight is against a patent troll who is trying to force podcasts to pay a licensing fee.  The EFF is a very awesome organization who truly try to help us all out.  100% of all proceeds made from this event will go to EFF.

The url for where you can donate (if you would rather just go that route), is Here

So, this was supposed to be a quick blurb.  I will get to the "nitty gritty" (I just wanted everybody to have an idea of what this thing actually is).

ZombieFest is going to be an online, streaming event done through TwitchTV at This URL on October 26th starting at 12pm (Noon) Pacific Time.  This will last until we get tired and want to stop (so chances are that it will go late in to the night).  While we are streaming our own game playing, we will also be organizing to ensure that absolutely everybody who wants to play a zombie game online can get in to a match with other people attending.  This is a very lofty goal, but I wanted to make a goal of there being at least a single moment where everybody attending will be playing a zombie game or watching a zombie movie all at once, because, that is the core of what ZombieFest is.

Yes, the gaming market is absolutely saturated with zombie games, so let's take advantage of that and play through as many as possible.

So whether you just want to watch a gaming marathon where nothing but zombie games are played, or you want an excuse to dust off that copy of Dead Rising 2 or Left 4 Dead, or you just like zombies, this will be a fun place for you to check out, plus all proceeds go to charity.

For even more information, you can go Here where I have a post on my main site about it, or you can watch our latest episode of Video Game Rescue Here where we talk about ZombieFest for most of the episode.

Besides playing zombie games, the only actually thing that will be planned, and I have not figured out a time yet (since if a match of something I am playing goes longer than expected, I am not going to stop it in order to do something else), is the review show I do about shmups, Shmup Central, I am going to do something new that I am calling Shmup Central Live.  This will be where I play a shmup live and you can see my process of how I play a game in order to review it.  I will think out loud so that people understand my thought process as well.  I told myself that I will only play this game for a maximum of one hour unless everybody really wants me to keep going.  I have a game for Sega Genesis called Undead Line, so the game I am doing for Shmup Central Live will be 100% related to ZombieFest.

Other than my doing Shmup Central Live, I really want to make this a very smooth place to come and feel that making a schedule will cut in to things too much (like what if I am playing Dead Rising 2 with some of you and we are playing a match that goes for 90 minutes?  I am not going to stop that match because it has reached a certain time).

I am a very easy guy to contact.  You can contact me through here, or Twitter (VGRKevin) and I also left some contact information on my post on my main site.

This is going to be a really fun time where we can all get together and blast some zombies in the face, and it will be for charity and a fun way to celebrate Halloween.  So join me October 26th for ZombieFest.  Send me any questions/comments/concerns through pretty much anyway you can think of.  Hope to see you guys there.  I have a good feeling that this will be a very fun time for anybody who goes.
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