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FNF - TF2 - F**king Scouts Edition.

Exactly how I like my scouts. As a change of pace tonight, I'll be running the show, as Caff is out of town for various reasons that were explained to me, but since forgotten and have substituted for more colourful explanations that are ...


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I'm lamenting my lack of clever/classy splash picture. Really I am.

Anywho, as the preamble goes, I've been gaming for over 20 years and the 2 genres that continue to keep me entertained for the last 10 years or so are online FPS's and MMO's. Between the two I can honestly say I've seen the best and worst of humanity and I'll leave you, the reader, to debate where I saw it. Currently, I'm occupied with being the co-owner of the Destructoid community TF2 server, and I'm also concurrently enjoying a well deserved hiatus from MMO's after 3 years of endgame in WoW.

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2 Amiga 500's stapled together.

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